Sessions still open for Tech Knowledge College

by dritger15. June 2015 09:12

Do you know a student entering 6th-8th grade that is ready to explore careers through hands-on experiences? Register today for Tech Knowledge College! There are still sessions open for this annual three-day camp held Aug. 4-6 at Moraine Park Technical College’s Fond du Lac campus. 

There are many exciting careers to learn about, and students will have an opportunity to choose two career sessions at registration. Openings remain in the following sessions: Driven to Repair; It’s Electric; Mini Medical School; Fix It, Tune It, Ride It; Law and Order; Driven to Be an EMT; Be a Fashionista; and State Fair Foods.

The deadline to register is July 1, and sessions fill up on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost is $115 and includes two interactive career sessions, a T-shirt and lunch. Tech Knowledge College is held from 9 a.m.-2:45 p.m.  Bussing is available from Moraine Park’s Beaver Dam and West Bend campuses; seats are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

For career session descriptions, availability and registration information, visit For questions, contact Amy Meyer, recruitment specialist, at 920-924-3201 or email at


Ebert named Moraine Park’s District Student Ambassador

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“I couldn’t figure out one thing I wanted to be in my life,” said Kayla Ebert ’16, Moraine Park Technical College’s 2015-16 District Student Ambassador. “I wanted to be everything.” 


Curious by nature, Ebert, of Burnett, loves manual labor, driving semis and dump trucks and operating robotic welders.  She gets her hands dirty, works alongside men in nontraditional occupations, and throws what she’s learned on the job into her studies. Next May, she’ll earn her Human Resources associate of applied science degree from Moraine Park. 

“I have worked in many nontraditional occupations where I was the only woman,” said Ebert. “At times, my coworkers weren’t always supportive. I want to help people moving into these areas. Human resources arose as a perfect way to draw from my experiences to help others.”

Since graduating from high school in 2006, Ebert has worked on farms, in road construction and as a welder. At Mayville Engineering Co. in Mayville, she handles MIG and robotic welding, and recently learned to write robotic programs. “I love learning, and I am curious,” she said. “So I wanted to go back to school.”

While working full time, Ebert entered the Human Resources program at Moraine Park. In doing so, a Pandora’s box opened to her. While juggling full-time work and school, she chiseled out time to help establish a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Club on campus. This required a representative from the club to attend Moraine Park Student Senate meetings. “I attended and began to like my involvement in the College,” she said. Ebert threw herself into on-campus activities, events and fundraisers. 

Meanwhile, she witnessed herself evolving as a person, leader and communicator. “It’s not easy to be assertive in a company full of men,” she said. “Through my experiences at Moraine Park, I’ve learned to be assertive without looking aggressive. I’ve learned to be a leader. I’ve learned to communicate, lead and delegate.”

Is it any wonder Ebert was named a District Student Ambassador? She holds this title alongside 15 other Wisconsin Technical College System students. As such, she is charged with promoting technical education throughout Moraine Park’s district, collaborating with student government, and assisting with college activities and events. 

During a recent statewide training and recognition event, Ebert came together with fellow ambassadors. “It was a really fun experience learning how to work as a group,” she said. “Imagine 16 leaders in a room. We all learned to take a step back and share our leadership.”

No doubt, in her role as District Student Ambassador, Ebert will be a strong advocate for technical education. “Moraine Park has laid the entire foundation for my future,” she said. “The skills I’ve gained have readied me for everything in my life. I’m extremely excited to have this position.”

Passing on her enthusiasm for her alma mater, technical education and nontraditional occupations is easy, according to Ebert. Letting high school graduates know they aren’t alone is also critical. “Many of them feel pressured and have no idea what they want to do after high school graduation,” she said. “They need to know that an academic advisor will help them figure things out and set them on the right path. They need to know they can work and go to school at the same time and that they will get a first-rate education for an in-demand career.”

Additionally, Moraine Park graduates can easily transfer to four-year colleges in pursuit of bachelor’s degrees. That’s also Ebert’s goal. “I love what I am learning and want to pursue a bachelor’s degree and possibly a master’s degree,” she said.

Ultimately, Ebert hopes to transition into the human resources field and someday work for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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Werner named Moraine Park’s Student of the Year

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By investing time and energy in others, Ben Werner ’15, of West Bend, hopes to affect positive change. Werner, who earned his Electrical Power Distribution technical diploma in May, was also named Moraine Park Technical College’s 2014-15 Student of the Year. “Ben takes advantage of what Moraine Park offers,” said Lisa Manuell, Moraine Park’s Student Life lead. “He’s a really good student leader, extremely dependable and excellent at managing his time.”


Right out of Living Word Lutheran High School, in Jackson, Werner entered the masonry trade.  It wasn’t until two years later that a friend convinced him to try out Moraine Park, and specifically the Electrical Power Distribution program. “My friend, who was in the program, was really enjoying it,” said Werner. “It looked like it might be fun, and I felt like I could do something more with my life. I decided to leave my comfort zone and do something different. I’m glad I did.”

The first week of school, he was encouraged to get involved on campus. “I wasn’t that involved in high school and getting involved with student government sounded interesting,” he said. Werner attended his first Student Senate meeting on the Beaver Dam campus and came away hooked. “I liked it,” he said. “So I engaged in it and was eventually elected president.” Through the experience, he led Student Senate meetings, worked on fundraising projects and student activities, and participated in District Student Government with representatives from Moraine Park’s Fond du Lac and West Bend campuses. Simultaneously, Werner participated in the Electrical Power Distribution Club on campus and served as a mentor to special needs high school students through Green Valley Enterprises, in Beaver Dam. “One of my favorite things was working with the kids,” he said. “We met with them, hung out and played games together. One of the highlights of my life has been giving back to those kids because I’ve been so blessed in my life.”

During the past year while at Moraine Park, Werner successfully balanced academics and on- and off-campus involvements. He maintains he’s grateful for his Moraine Park experience. “I hadn’t been in school for a while and my mindset was more on work, not academics,” he said. “Interacting with the other students, I picked up ways they handled homework and tests. It helped me to be a better student in the classroom. In turn, I helped them to be more efficient on the job.” 

Werner, who feels well prepared for his future career in power distribution, appreciates how Moraine Park immediately engages students in their area of study. “At a four-year college, you spend two years completing general education courses before you get into coursework related to your major,” said Werner. “At Moraine Park, I engaged in hands-on learning right away.”

Moraine Park is about developing the whole person, he attests. While Werner always possessed a great work ethic and values, he says he elevated his communication and leadership skills as a result of his time on campus.  

Werner was named Student of the Year for demonstrating excellence in and out of the classroom, making the most of his college experience and modeling Moraine Park’s core abilities – to communicate clearly, act responsibly, work productively, think critically and creatively, adapt to change, demonstrate integrity, and work cooperatively. He was recognized during the College’s annual Student Awards Banquet.In addition to Werner, two other nominees, Robert Krist of Beaver Dam and John Pocian of West Bend, participated in the Student of the Year interview process involving a selection committee of faculty, staff and students. 


Fitzsimmons Named Moraine Park’s 2015 Distinguished Alumnus

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“Every woman has a story,” attests Denise Fitzsimmons ’81, Moraine Park Technical College’s 2015 Distinguished Alumnus. As publisher of “InSpire Magazine” – a monthly magazine dedicated to empowering women – Fitzsimmons showcases such stories. In doing so, she helps connect women with each other, as well as with resources and support geared to improving their lives.


Fitzsimmons, of Beaver Dam, graduated from Moraine Park with a degree in fashion merchandising and marketing before enjoying a successful career in publishing and co-founding “InSpire.” It turns out, design, fashion and publishing work well together. 

“I started out after college in retail, then moved to a newspaper in Portage designing advertisements,” she said. “I ultimately moved to Conley Publishing Inc., where I worked from 1985-2004 and ended up as advertising director. 

Still, Fitzsimmons craved more. A desire to empower others, especially women, spurred her to co-launch “InSpire.” She did so with two other women – 2006 Moraine Park Distinguished Alumnus Mary Beth Bockhorst and sister-in-law, Jill Huizenga. Eleven years later, “InSpire” touts a readership of 10,000 throughout the Wisconsin counties of Fond du Lac, Dane, Washington, Jefferson and Dodge. Since the magazine’s founding, it has donated $150,000 to area charities and nonprofits.

“I believe in helping out and giving back to the community,” she said. “I do it because it’s the right thing to do.” As such, Fitzsimmons is an active volunteer. She is a member of the Second Christian Reformed Church, in Randolph; the Beaver Dam Rotary Club; the Beaver Dam Community Hospitals Inc. Foundation Board; and the Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce Marketing Committee, among many others. She’s also given back to her alma mater through the years. She has served as celebrity chef for the Moraine Park Foundation and showcased many “InSpire” stories featuring Moraine Park programs, students and staff.

Fitzsimmons, who believes wholeheartedly in the value of a technical education, maintains she draws daily from the skills and life lessons learned while studying at Moraine Park. “The skills I learned at school in fashion merchandising helped me get where I am today,” she said. 

After graduating in 1978 from Central Wisconsin Christian School, in Waupun, Fitzsimmons attended a four-year college in Iowa before transferring to Moraine Park. “It was a better fit for me,” she said. “I enjoyed Moraine Park’s small classes and very informative instructors. They wanted to help students learn and often invited us to their homes for dinners and study sessions.” In addition to developing critical marketing and business skills, Fitzsimmons honed her communication, problem-solving and leadership proficiency.

As a result of her experience, she urges high school graduates to consider Moraine Park as their next step in learning and life. Simultaneously, she encourages Moraine Park graduates to enthusiastically go after their dreams. 

For more information on Moraine Park’s Alumni Association, visit


Moraine Park honors students at annual awards banquet

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The hard work and academic achievement of Moraine Park Technical College students was recognized during the College’s annual Student Awards Banquet held May 8 at The Golf Club at Camelot in Lomira. 

Denise Fitzsimmons, the 2015 Moraine Park Distinguished Alumnus Award recipient, spoke to the attendees about tackling the challenge of change. Fitzsimmons graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing from Moraine Park in 1981. After a 19-year tenure with Conley Publishing, she became a director of advertising. In 2004, she, along with another Moraine Park Distinguished Alumnus Mary Beth Bockhorst and sister-in-law Jill Huizenga, co-founded “InSpire,” a Dodge County monthly magazine sharing the successes of women. Fitzsimmons said her education at Moraine Park gave her “the foundation I needed to diversify and branch out into other areas of the business world.” She went on to add, “Don’t be afraid to travel the road that may not be familiar. You are equipped to face the challenges.” 

The 2015-16 District Student Ambassador Award was presented to Kayla Ebert of Burnett. Ebert is enrolled in Moraine Park’s Human Resources program. She will assume her Ambassador role in fall, taking over for 2014-15 Student Ambassador, Kim Dickinson of Beaver Dam. 

Moraine Park presented the 2015 Student of the Year Award to Ben Werner of West Bend. This honor was given to Werner, a student in the Electrical Power Distribution program, for exemplifying the College’s core abilities and excelling both in and outside of the classroom. He spoke about his experiences with leadership, classmates and faculty while attending the College. “Moraine Park encouraged me to step out and take on leadership roles that’ll help me succeed in my future career,” said Werner. “Whether the leadership role came in a classroom setting during a tactical activity or in the hallways, instructors always encouraged the student body and me to become involved and strive to better ourselves.” Werner found transitioning back into academics was initially a challenge but said adjusting to his new life as a student became easier with the help of his classmates. “I feel like Moraine Park works hard to develop the family feeling within their programs so students learn to work together and help each other throughout their college career.”

Technical Achievement Awards were presented to 12 students. To receive this award, recipients must be enrolled in a one-year technical diploma program and have maintained a 3.25 GPA. They are judged on classroom participation and other contributions and characteristics that exemplify an outstanding student. Recipients were:  Nicolas Malchow of Allenton; Jeremiah Alderden of Beaver Dam; Jacob Beck, Matt Grady and Zach Lauterbach of Cedarburg; Kevin Boudwine of Germantown; Jason Diels of Horicon; Keith Rhinert of Milwaukee; Logan Scheel of Oshkosh; Jordan Wendlandt of Randolph; and Andrew Passmore and John Pocian of West Bend.

The Meritorious Service Award is granted to students who have served the College through their leadership and participation in co-curricular activities such as student clubs, student government or other volunteer opportunities. This year’s 62 recipients include: Lisa Gurley, Melissa Kuntz, Amy Surprise, Grace Bleiler and Sharon Vlach of Beaver Dam; Kristin Wadell of Brownsville; Kayla Ebert of Burnett; Travis Gibbons of Camp Douglas; Kelly Collins, Jessica Henning, Ashley Kaul and Cody Liesener of Campbellsport; Rebecca Powell and Matt Grady of Cedarburg; Cold Hansen of Deerfield; Kouta Benson, Nicole Holz, Angela McCrory, Tyler Soto, Matthew White, Richard Goetsch, Kia Goncalo and Heather Sprifke of Fond du Lac; Kristy Sparacio of Fox Lake; Kevin Boudwine of Germantown; Ashley Currier, Amalia Scherer and Brook Weiss of Hartford; Holly Muenchow of Horicon; Jen Kelm and Bryce Wentlandt of Jackson; Nikki Ricco of Juneau; Jessica Volesky of Kewaskum; Annette Moericke of Lomira; Zach Erickson of Madison; Michael Cole and Margaret Fuller of Malone; Jacob Featherson of Milwaukee; Noah Kearns of Montello; Robert Knox of Newburg; Danielle Dolinac of North Fond du Lac; Matthew Henning of Oakfield; Marki Henderson and Carissa Weina of Omro; Logan Scheel of Oshkosh; Jordan Wendlandt of Randolph; Michael Weyer of Richfield; Adam Blindauer of Sheboygan; Nick Duesterbeck of Waupun; Tricia Becker, Nichole Welzien, Michael Burns, Katie Duncan, Katie Dye, Naomi Gosse, Justin Groth, Tracie Hofbauer, Adam Krichoff, Leah Spieth and Ashley Walker of West Bend; Josh Marten of Wilton.

Twenty-Six Moraine Park students received the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges Award. Who's Who Among Students is one of the most highly regarded and long-standing honors programs in the nation. Students receive national recognition for achieving at least a 3.25 GPA as well as participating and showing leadership in academic and extracurricular activities. Those students include: Roxann Johnson, Robert Krist, Tina Smedema and Amy Surprise of Beaver Dam; Felicia Van Houten of Burnett; Jessica Henning of Campbellsport; Rikki Davis, Kia Goncalo, Nicole Holz, Christine Koenig and Trudy Vanness of Fond du Lac; Kristy Sparacio of Fox Lake; Kevin Boudwine and Madeline Greco of Germantown; Teresa Bates and Ashley Currier of Hartford; Catherine Tishler of Johnson Creek; Shawn Grimes of Lowell; Michelle Hoffman of Neenah; Marki Henderson of Omro; Susan Bauer and Marion Scott of Oshkosh; Jacob Fenton, Alan Nagorny, Katie Olson and Dawn Pauli of West Bend.

The Leadership and Service Awards were presented to 16 students. Recipients were: Jeremiah Alderden, Kim Dickinson and Robert Krist of Beaver Dam; Zach Lauterbach of Cedarburg; Rikki Davis, Robert Drehmel and Christine Koenig of Fond du Lac; Traci Lawrenz and Aaron Schlosser of Kewaskum; Annette Whyms of Oakfield; Austin Neis of Reeseville; Mike Kirchoff of Watertown; John Pocian, Joan Rider, DeWayne Sexton and Ben Werner of West Bend.

The Moraine Park Federation of Teachers sponsors a Community Stewardship, Activist and Leadership Award. This award is given based on a written application displaying the student’s understanding of and participation in community-based efforts. Recipients were: Amy Surprise of Beaver Dam; Rikki Davis and Nicole Holz of Fond du Lac; Graceanne Forsyth-Krajna of Menomonee Falls; John Pocian and DeWayne Sexton of West Bend.

Student government leadership recognition included Ben Werner, Beaver Dam Student Senate president; Christine Koenig, Fond du Lac Student Senate president; Robert Krist, West Bend Student Senate president; William Milbrot, District Student Government president; Jayson Gremminger, Wisconsin Student Government lt. governor; and DeWayne Sexton, Wisconsin Student Government governor. 

Moraine Park Technical College’s student government leadership team. Pictured from left: Ben Werner, Beaver Dam Student Senate president; Robert Krist, West Bend Student Senate president; Christine Koenig, Fond du Lac Student Senate president; Bonnie Baerwald, Moraine Park president.

In addition, nearly 100 students were inducted into Beta Mu Kappa, Moraine Park’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, an international honor society. To be eligible, students must achieve and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 in an associate of applied science degree program and complete a minimum of 12 associate degree credits. Moraine Park’s chapter officers include Lisa Gurley of Lowell, president; Jennelle Brown of Beaver Dam, vice president; and Heather Sprifke of Fond du Lac, secretary. 

Moraine Park Technical College’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter officers. Back row, left: Jennelle Brown of Beaver Dam, vice president; Heather Sprifke, secretary; Valerie Baumann, regional vice president of Phi Theta Kappa; Lisa Gurley, president. Front row, left: Iolanda Oliva, club advisor; Nicole Held, past president. 

This year's inductees include:

Allenton: Dawn Woebbeking, Julie Wolf
Beaver Dam: Jennelle Brown, Kristina Giese, Tracy Guetzlaff, Victoria Hollenberg, Kelsey Kiehl, Sarah Kuhnz, Edith Leal, Cheryl Nummerdor, Michelle Stippich, Dawn Weber, Sierra Welch
Brookfield: Roberta Bero
Burnett: Kayla Ebert
Campbellsport: Bryan Hewitt, Ashley Kaul, Austin Tennies
Cedarburg: Scott Bancroft, Jennifer Cisco
Fond du Lac: Christopher Cleland, Hannah Dardis, Robert Drehmel, Carmen Greicar, Maira Gutierrez, Vickie Mally, Kera Margelofsky, Lucas McFarren, Michael Morgano, Jennifer Morse, Samantha Race, Baylee Radke, Hilary Schneider, Sarah Spang, Bethany Thronburg
Fox Lake: Vicki Haase, Scott Hawley, Lisa Koenig
Fredonia: Eliot Hess
Germantown: Penny Stephan
Hartford: Christine O’Callaghan, Lindsay Rutley, Amalia Scherer, Alyssa Simpson
Horicon: Samantha Cundy
Jackson: Jessica Walczak
Kenosha: Carey Michaud
Kewaskum: Debra Ebert, Brielle Legate, William Whitney
Lomira: Denis Ramos
Markesan: Sheila Schmidt
Mayville: Breanna Henninger, Sharon Hinz, James Mittlesteadt
Menomonee Falls: Tatum Thomas
Monticello: Tina Bidlingmaier
Neosho: Sabrina Hennes
New Holstein: Jamie Floeter
North Fond du Lac: Jesus Aguirre, Lellia Bavers, Stephanie Cheevers, Rachel McFarlane
Oakfield: Lexis Zitlow
Oconomowoc: Jessica Reitz
Oostburg: Jesse Meyer
Oregon: Bailey Brumeier
Oshkosh: Melissa Hildebrand, Erika Lloyd, Megan Prellwitz
Plymouth: Tyler Rezachek, Angela Schleh
Port Washington: Megan Lynch-Belzer
Princeton: Jasper Kallenbach
Randolph: James Bates
Saint Cloud: Megan Kapellen
Saukville: Caitlin Watson
Slinger: Susan Nagel
Stockbridge: Kati Zahringer
Theresa: Ashley Stratz
Waupun: Jennifer Sorenson
West Bend: Ashley Duckart, Amber Geier, April Johnson, Jori Kapla, Cynthia Koskey, James Littrell, Carmen Melstrand, Adam Parchim, Carol Peters, Gina Peters, Matthew Sorensen, Karen Werner, Ashley Wimer

For more information about Moraine Park, visit


Still time to register for Toolin’ It! Manufacturing Camp

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On June 15-19, Moraine Park Technical College is offering its 10th Annual Toolin’ It!, a Nuts, Bolts, & Thingamajigs manufacturing summer camp for middle and high school students ages 13-16. 

Registration is underway now for this high-tech, hands-on experience that provides an introduction to 21st-century manufacturing technology. Participants have the chance to learn about computer-aided design, computer-controlled manufacturing operations, basic electrical systems, machining, welding and fabrication, and so much more! Students will also experience the start-to-finish satisfaction of designing and manufacturing a product, using high-tech machinery, under the close supervision of expert manufacturing trainers. 

The Toolin’ It! registration fee is $100 and includes all materials, lunches and field trips. Space is limited. Register today by visiting or by contacting Lisa Dougherty at 262-306-5321 or email at

Toolin’ It! is part of a national manufacturing summer camp program designed and sponsored by Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs, the Foundation of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association.


Moraine Park hosts Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day

by dritger1. June 2015 10:36

To honor cancer survivors, Moraine Park Technical College is hosting its own Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day on Wednesday, June 10, from 7:30 - 11:30 a.m. at Techniques Salon and Spa on Moraine Park’s Fond du Lac campus. The event is part of a national effort to provide support and free pampering for cancer survivors. 

Cosmetology students at Moraine Park will offer manicures, haircuts and scalp treatments. All cancer survivors are invited to attend, but appointments are required to guarantee service. 

Each year thousands of salons, spas and cosmetology schools volunteer their time and services to cancer survivors across the nation. This is the fourth year Moraine Park cosmetology students have hosted the event. To make an appointment for Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day, call 920-929-2106. For more information about Moraine Park’s Techniques Salon and Spa, visit


Two Moraine Park staff earn state honors

by dritger29. May 2015 13:24

Moraine Park Technical College staff members Kimberly DeMaa and Marla Pearce were honored for their contributions to technical education during the Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education’s (WACTE) annual conference held in Oshkosh, Wis.         

DeMaa of Plymouth is a financial aid specialist for Moraine Park. She received the 2015 Professional Excellence – Outstanding Support Professional Award.

Pearce, a human resources instructor for the College, received the 2015 Professional Excellence – New Instructor Award. Pearce lives in Waupun. 


WACTE has more than 600 members throughout Wisconsin and is comprised of local affiliates representing the Wisconsin Technical College Districts, Department of Public Instruction, Business Education, Vocational Education Special Needs, Wisconsin Technical College System Board/UW-Madison Association, Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators, and Wisconsin Association for Leadership in Education and Work, and UW-Stout. The association unites those involved in career and technical education by providing professional development, encouraging leadership in the political arena and promoting innovative change to enhance lifelong learning.

Moraine Park Technical College was established in 1912 and is one of 16 colleges making up the Wisconsin Technical College System. To learn more, visit


Baerwald named president of Moraine Park Technical College

by ratkinson21. May 2015 15:52

The Moraine Park Technical College District Board announced that Bonnie Baerwald, who is presently serving as interim president at the college, has been named permanent president and will begin in this new role immediately.

"It is with great pride that we have selected Bonnie to serve as our next president," said Vernon Jung, chairperson of the Moraine Park District Board. "In her short time as interim president, Bonnie has showcased extraordinary focus in setting a path for the long-term growth of the college. It is evident that our entire college community has been energized by her leadership, and we all look forward to working with Bonnie for many years to come. There is no doubt that Bonnie is the person who can help us reach the next level. Together, we will accomplish great things."

Baerwald has been with Moraine Park since 1993, joining the college as senior accountant. Over the years, she has also served as financial services manager and vice president of financial management before being named vice president of finance and administrative services in 2007. Baerwald was appointed interim president in January 2015 following the departure of President Sheila Ruhland, who accepted the presidency position at Tacoma Community College in Tacoma, Wash.

"I consider the opportunity to lead Moraine Park Technical College both an honor and a privilege," said Baerwald. "Moraine Park needs to maintain fiscal stability, innovate for growth and performance, engage and develop our staff, and address the skills gap throughout our district and the State through new and extended partnerships. With the continued support of the District Board, faculty, staff, students, and the community, I believe I can fulfill this role and create new opportunities for the college. I am truly excited and I look forward to the challenges ahead."

Baerwald has provided vision and expertise in leading Moraine Park’s finance and facility operations, including fiscal reporting, budgeting, financial operations, procurement, risk management, auxiliary services, facility operations, design and construction. Over the years, she has provided direction to the College’s administration regarding fiscal and facility-related operations, including a comprehensive budget totaling $83 million in expenditures. Prior to joining Moraine Park, she served as staff auditor and then senior auditor at Grant Thornton, LLP, in Fond du Lac.

Baerwald has an associate degree from Wisconsin Lutheran College, a bachelor’s degree in business administration-- accounting from the University of Wisconsin-- Whitewater, and a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Wisconsin-- Oshkosh.  She has been a certified public accountant in Wisconsin since 1991.

Baerwald has been recognized with a 2013 Professional Excellence Award – Community Involvement and a 2004 Professional Excellence Award – Administrator from the Wisconsin Association of Career and Technical Education. She is a member of the Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Government Finance Officers Association, is a member and past president of the Moraine Park Vocational Association and the Wisconsin Technical College System Business Officers Committee. She was recently named to the Fond du Lac Association of Commerce’s Board of Directors, and has served as a board member with the District’s Mutual Insurance Company since 2013.

Moraine Park Technical College was established in 1912, and is one of 16 technical college districts that make up the Wisconsin Technical College System. With campuses in Beaver Dam, Fond du Lac and West Bend, Wis. and regional centers in Jackson and Ripon, Wis., Moraine Park offers more than 100 associate of applied science degrees, technical diplomas, apprenticeships and certificates delivered in a variety of formats — classroom, online and blended. Training and technical assistance for businesses is also offered. To find out more about Moraine Park, visit 



Moraine Park Class of 2015 looks forward to opportunities ahead - More than 250 participate in May 16 commencement ceremony

by dritger18. May 2015 13:41

Excitement ran high as the Moraine Park Technical College Class of 2015 gathered among classmates, instructors, family and friends to celebrate their accomplishments and relish in the opportunities ahead as future leaders of Wisconsin. 

More than 250 commencement participants filled the Fond du Lac High School Field House for Moraine Park’s May 16 commencement ceremony as the graduates prepared to receive their diplomas and become Moraine Park alumni. A quote by an unknown source -- “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” -- was the class motto adopted by the graduates from the College’s Beaver Dam, Fond du Lac and West Bend campuses. In all, the Class of 2015, had more than 770 graduate candidates complete their studies receiving associate of applied science degrees and technical diplomas.  

Dr. James Eden, vice president of Academic Affairs, presided over the presentation of candidates with the conferring of degrees and diplomas done by Moraine Park Interim President Bonnie Baerwald. Kristen Finnel, dean of Health and Human Services and Dr. Fred Rice, dean of Applied Technology and Trades announced the graduate candidates. From the Moraine Park District Board, Chairperson Vernon Jung, Jr. and Secretary Mike Staral recognized the graduates. 

Agnesian HealthCare President and CEO Steve Little was the 2015 commencement speaker. Little encouraged the graduates to look at everyday as a gift, to lead by example and to do good in the world. “All of the time you have spent learning the technical skills you will need to enter the work world is important,” said Little, “but success requires more than education. Success also requires passion and it requires a positive attitude. So, be passionate about what you do. Communicate with others. Take risks. We are put in this world to do something remarkable. So, do something remarkable!”  

Jung, who welcomed the Class of 2015 and their guests to the ceremony, expressed to the graduates how perseverance, determination and the support of others had gotten them to this point. “As you head out today, ready to take that next step in your life, take a moment to reflect on all of the people who have supported you on your educational journey,” he said, “Take a moment to embrace all that this day brings.” 

District Board Chairperson Vernon Jung welcomes the more than 250 Moraine Park Technical College graduates who participated in the College's 2015 Commencement Ceremony. In all, more than 770 graduates were receiving associate of applied science degrees and technical diplomas. Also pictured, from left, Mike Staral, district board secretary; Steve Little, commencement speaker; and Bonnie Baerwald, Moraine Park interim president.

Baerwald extended her congratulations to the graduates wishing them success in the great opportunities ahead. “You have prepared for the next stage in your lives, whether your new path takes you to the start of a new career, continued employment in your chosen field, or continuation of your formal education at a four-year college or university,” she said. “Our communities and our State could not move forth without you. Congratulations to each of you.” 

Moraine Park’s graduation processional was led by bagpiper Gina Crossley, with the ceremonial music performed by Brassination, a brass quintet from the Fond du Lac area. Shady Grove, also from the Fond du Lac area, provided the pre-ceremonial music.

Moraine Park Technical College was established in 1912 and is one of 16 technical college districts that make up the Wisconsin Technical College System. With campuses in Beaver Dam, Fond du Lac and West Bend, Wis., Moraine Park offers more than 100 associate of applied science degrees, technical diplomas, apprenticeships and certificates delivered in a variety of formats — classroom, online and blended. Training and technical assistance for businesses is also offered. Learn more at

To view a collection of Moraine Park graduates who were hired in their fields before graduation, go to

To view photos from the 2015 Commencement Ceremony, go to