Moraine Park TEE Bus takes to the road

by admin9. October 2008 19:00

Moraine Park Technical College has added a new educational delivery method to its classroom, online, blended and IVC offerings: A vehicle that brings Moraine Park services to the clients.


Side of the TEE Bus which is covered with Moraine Park images.

Dubbed the Technical Education Everywhere (TEE) Bus, the vision for the vehicle is to serve as a means for Moraine Park to reach out to its communities by extending the delivery of technical education, while simultaneously promoting the value of technical education in increasing our region's skills and global competitiveness.


“Our goal is to have the TEE Bus present at a variety of our district’s community events, thus providing a convenient way for individuals to learn about Moraine Park and its offerings,” said Josh Bullock, Moraine Park vice president of strategic advancement. “It can be used to the benefit of our communities in a variety of ways including basic education course offerings, K-12 school visits, career planning and assessment opportunities, and Accuplacer testing, to name a few.”


The TEE Bus will also serve as an additional mode of delivery for Moraine Park’s Economic and Workforce Development Community Training department.


“Right now the TEE Bus could be used for any type of Microsoft Office training scenario,” said Katharine Schlieve, Moraine Park economic and workforce development sales representative. “We're getting requests to strengthen skills in all of the MS Office products and particularly the transition to MS Office 2007. The TEE Bus allows a business that may not have facilities to train on-site, which will minimize their downtime and any related travel expenses.”


“We would encourage organizations to invite the TEE Bus to their events so we can share Moraine Park’s programs and services with their audience,” said Bullock.


For general inquiries about the TEE Bus, contact Debbie Martin at 920-924-3263. For business training, contact Sandra Justman at 920-924-3449.      


Moraine Park receives Alliant vehicle for EPD program

by admin9. October 2008 19:00

The Electrical Power Distribution (EPD) program at Moraine Park Technical College’s Beaver Dam campus received an addition to its instructional fleet of three vehicles.


Alliant Energy recently donated a GMC 3500HD truck to the program, worth about $5,000. “This fourth vehicle will enable us to have more students training at the same time,” said Moraine Park EPD instructor Bill Ferguson.

 Steve Logan from Alliant and Bill Ferguson and Jon Waldhuetter from Moraine Park pose with the donated truck from Alliant.

Alliant also donates training assistance – for example, sending several engineering employees to show Moraine Park students how to engineer and stake a distribution line.


“We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Moraine Park, and look forward to continuing to play a role in the education and training of Wisconsin’s next generation of line technicians,” said Steve Logan, manager of customer service for Alliant Energy’s Beaver Dam office.


For more information about Moraine Park’s Electrical Power Distribution program, visit and click on Academics.


Moraine Park offers October events in West Bend

by admin5. October 2008 19:00

A BloodCenter of Wisconsin blood drive and a Justin Roth concert are scheduled at Moraine Park Technical College’s West Bend campus this month.


The BloodCenter of Wisconsin and the West Bend campus Student Senate and Activities Committee are holding a blood drive on Tuesday, Oct. 14, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the cafeteria. Sign up online by visiting you have questions about your eligibility to donate, contact the BloodCenter at 877-BE-A-HERO (877-232-4376) or visit their website, For directions to the campus, visit and click on About Moraine Park then Campus Information. and entering drive ID DRV0092185, or contact Bradley Mitchell, Moraine Park Student Life, at 262-335-5743 or Walk-in donors are always welcome. Please bring a photo ID.


On Tuesday, Oct. 21, folk guitarist Justin Roth returns to Moraine Park for a lunch-hour concert in the cafeteria from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Food is available at cost for the general public. For more information, contact Bradley Mitchell at the number above.


To learn more about Moraine Park and its programs, visit


Blood drive planned at Moraine Park Oct. 14

by admin30. September 2008 19:00

The BloodCenter of Wisconsin and Moraine Park Technical College’s West Bend campus Student Senate and Activities Committee are holding a blood drive on Tuesday, Oct. 14, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Sign up online by visiting and entering drive ID DRV0092185, or contact Bradley Mitchell at 262-335-5743 or Walk-in donors are always welcome.


Your donation will help save lives in Wisconsin and possibly in your own community. The process takes place in the campus cafeteria and is 45 minutes or less. Please bring a photo ID.


If you have questions about your eligibility to donate, please contact the BloodCenter directly at (877) BE-A-HERO (877-232-4376) or visit their website,


For directions to the campus, visit and click on About Moraine Park then Campus Information.


Moraine Park's online programs open doors for working adults and parents

by admin29. September 2008 19:00

Whether it’s for the first time or the second, getting a college degree can help you can make more money and advance your career or start a new one. For adults who work and/or have children, time and distance can be hurdles. How do you find the time to drive to and attend classes when you can’t leave your job or you have a family to take care of – or both?


Fortunately, technology and flexible scheduling make it easier to fit continuing education into busy lives. Moraine Park Technical College offers more than 350 online courses and 20 online programs and certificates, with courses ranging from four, six, eight or 16 weeks.


Associate of applied science degree, technical diploma and certificate programs that can be completed entirely online, with the exception of a few which also require clinicals, include Accounting, Business Management, Entrepreneurship for Small Business Certificate, General Studies, Health Information Technology, Human Resource Development Certificate, Information Technology – Web Developer, Instructional Assistant, Medical Transcription, Organizational Management Certificate, Supervisory Management, Veterinary Technician and Water Quality Technician.


“Online is a great alternative for students who have family and work responsibilities,” said Pete Rettler, Moraine Park West Bend and online campus and community partner. “With gas prices being so high it may be the thing that makes college affordable for the students who do not live near our campuses. Our faculty are trained to teach online, our curriculum was built to be delivered online, and our online provider (eCollege) is willing to help our students with access-related questions 24 hours per day, seven days per week.”


Jason Helnes of West Bend is an example of someone taking advantage of online learning while working. He is enrolled in Moraine Park’s online Veterinary Technician associate of applied science (AAS) degree program that includes clinicals at veterinary practices.


“The biggest difference that I have experienced between online classes and typical courses in classrooms is that through online learning you are given more freedom to budget your time between school and other parts of your life such as family and work,” said Helnes. “The biggest advantage that I have had is the ability to work nearly full-time to help support myself and my wife while still having the time to finish my classwork and be successful in my chosen program.”


Rachel Wigman of Fond du Lac needed a class schedule that worked with her “mom” responsibilities for two sons – one born with spina bifida – and her part-time job. She volunteers at her sons’ school and is turning that interest into a career by pursuing an Instructional Assistant associate of applied science degree. Going back to school after more than 16 years was a challenge, but online courses and the support of her family have helped.


 “If it wasn’t for online classes I wouldn't be able to go back to school, at least full-time,” said Wigman. “I like to just log on whenever I want to instead of making sure I make it to class on time.” She works part-time while her sons are in school and tackles her course assignments on the computer after they go to bed. “I would suggest to any parent that if they want to accomplish a degree to further their career, I would go for it. I just have one more year to go and I will accomplish getting a degree – it's very exciting.”


Like Wigman, Candice Sippel of Fond du Lac is enrolled in the Instructional Assistant program while she works and volunteers at her daughter’s school. “Taking online courses gives me the ability to create my own schedule. The instructors are often online, increasing their availability. With my experience thus far, they have been so helpful and willing to answer questions over e-mail or phone as often as possible. Being an online student has been a really great experience and I would recommend it to anybody.”


Moraine Park provides a checklist you can use to find out if online learning is for you; go to You can also see a demo course by going to and clicking on Demo Course then the Courses tab in the upper left. For a complete list and answers to frequently asked questions, go to and click on Online Learning.


“I would never be able to achieve and learn what I have learned without the online Veterinary Technician program at Moraine Park,” said Jennie McMonagle of Maribel, who had previously earned two bachelor of science degrees the traditional classroom way. “The instructors are extremely helpful and will go miles out of their way to see you succeed – you just need to ask.”


Moraine Park also offers evening and weekend classes. If money is an issue, ask about your financial aid and scholarship options. Get to know Moraine Park. Schedule a campus tour and visit with an academic advisor. Short videos about the College and its programs are located at, along with other information about programs and services. To get started on the next step in your life and career, call Moraine Park at 1-800-472-4554.


Leadership Development: More Than Just Managing People

by admin25. September 2008 19:00

Thanks to a recent name change from Supervisory Management to Leadership Development, this Moraine Park Technical College program more closely reflects business and industry’s desire for professionals who successfully manage and lead others in the workplace.


According to Pat Olson, Moraine Park dean of business, leaders are needed at all levels of an organization. “We train front-line supervisors and they need to be equipped with the skills and attitudes to effectively lead others in aligning with the organization’s goals,” she said. “This name change more closely reflects the current needs of business and industry.”


Because business and industry value employees who continually improve their knowledge and skills, the Leadership Development program provides a means for working professionals – even those who hold associate and bachelor’s degrees – to return to school for heightened skill development that will directly impact their occupations and careers. Potential students with bachelor or associate’s degrees can complete Leadership Development coursework in two years because general studies requirements have already been satisfied.


Coursework analyzes supervisory and leadership issues geared toward a variety of businesses and industries, nurturing skill development related to leadership, human relations, budgeting, problem solving, team building, quality and safety. Delivered in an accelerated format for working professionals, courses are available in a variety of formats: face-to-face, online and interactive video conferencing (IVC). Each class meets just once weekly for six weeks, according to Mary Vogl-Rauscher, the Leadership Development lead instructor. “By having the classes once per week, it’s easier for working students to schedule work and family time,” she said.


As an accelerated associate of applied science degree program, Leadership Development allows students the flexibility to complete the degree at their own pace. “A student can take one class per week and graduate in three to four years, or take two classes per week and graduate in two years,” said Vogl-Rauscher. Courses also can be customized for on-site company training.


The program is not designed for recent high school graduates. “If classes weren’t comprised of working adults, students wouldn’t have as much to share,” said Vogl-Rauscher. “What’s neat is that the teachers and students are executives and employees from a variety of industries – a mix of people bringing different perspectives and experiences to the group. The students learn as much from their classmates as they do from their instructors – a very unique environment for learning.”


Ultimately, graduates exit the program versed in leadership and supervisory skills.


“I believe that with great skills and fortitude individuals can be excellent supervisors and managers; however, it takes that extra fortitude and finesse to be a great leader,” said Marla Pearce, human resource director for Fox Lake Correctional Institution and a Moraine Park Leadership Development program adjunct instructor. “I don't believe a manager/supervisor and a leader are one in the same. Being a leader means you set the pace. You hear it all the time – ‘lead by example.’ Embarking on the leadership program with Moraine Park will allow individuals a great starting point for their future and for the betterment of their communities.”


Core classes for the Leadership Development program run every six weeks over a period of two years. Individuals interested in starting the program may join the sequence of classes at any time. There is no particular order in which the classes must be taken.


To learn more about Leadership Development visit and click on Academics, or call


Moraine Park students reap benefits and adventure from international education

by admin24. September 2008 19:00

“London was one of the most memorable times of my life. I enjoyed every minute of it. It’s great being able to see what else is out there besides Wisconsin.”


That’s what Michael Dellegrazio of Grafton, an Engine Research and Development Technician program student at Moraine Park Technical College, said about his adventure in England through the College’s twice-a-year London trips.


In order to develop a globally and multi-culturally competent workforce, Moraine Park offers campus activities such as Multicultural Day, internationalized courses, exchange hosting, and education-abroad opportunities for Moraine Park students and staff as well as businesses and community members.


According to the Wisconsin Department of Commerce’s Web site, the global exports of Wisconsin companies totaled $19,185,669,961 in 2007, representing continued growth in international commerce. Bobbi Laine, Moraine Park dean of general education, said that employees of tomorrow need international experiences to succeed in the global marketplace.


“Moraine Park is providing these experiences to better prepare our graduates to find employment and be successful in their chosen careers,” said Laine.


Since 2002, an exchange partnership has existed between Moraine Park and the Friedrich List and Peter Behrens vocational schools in Darmstadt, Germany. The German students spend a couple weeks in the U.S. each fall attending classes at Moraine Park, completing projects, touring local companies and visiting cities like Madison and Chicago. In the summer, Moraine Park students travel to the partner school in Germany, tour businesses, schools and cities, visit with state and local education administrators and reconnect with the German students they met the previous semester. This trip is also open to interested community members. For both groups, the exchange is an opportunity to learn or improve a new language, learn about other countries, and gain international contacts and experiences.


Moraine Park Culinary Arts program students have travelled overseas to enhance culinary skills and cultural awareness. As part of the exchange program with the Peter Behrens School, Moraine Park students attend classes, participate in social events and tour the city during their first week abroad. In the second week, they head for other parts of Europe such as France, Austria or Italy. According to Culinary Arts program instructor James Simmers, students have taken part in cooking seminars; experienced a variety of European cuisines; eaten at Stiftskeller St. Peter, Central Europe’s oldest restaurant (circa 803) in Salzburg, Austria; gone on brewery, winery and castle tours; and ridden a bullet A Moraine Park student and instructor prepare a recipe at Oliver's Art Cuisine in Frankfurt.train.


Trips to England are offered during Thanksgiving week and spring break, led by a Moraine Park instructor and open to alumni, community members, staff and students. The week-long overseas adventure is centered in London or at Harlaxton College, the British campus of the University of Evansville in Indiana. Activities include field trips to area businesses related to each student’s program of study and tours of cultural points of interest, famous landmarks and other popular destinations. Participants are enrolled in either Moraine Park’s Career Development course (available only to program students) or the International Study course that is available for one, two and three credits.


Moraine Park Barber/Cosmetology program instructor Danielle Domenosky led a group of students on a 2007 London trip. She feels that while international travel is beneficial to anyone, it is particularly advantageous for Moraine Park students because not only do they learn about other cultures but they also gain experience related to their chosen fields. That global perspective of a career can be attractive to employers.


London adventurers visited job sites related to their career path. “There were eight cosmetology students on the trip, so we were able to spend some time in the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London and learn how they do things,” said Domenosky. “There are different licensing laws in England, which I wasn’t aware of. There were students from Japan, Turkey and Norway, and it was an awesome experience to watch them work and talk with them.”


“The whole idea of international education is to open our minds and learn more about others,” said Laine.


“I would encourage any student to travel abroad while they’re still in school,” said Dellegrazio. “It really cultures you and opens up your world perspective.”


To see photos, testimonials and other information about the trips to England, visit


For more information about international offerings at Moraine Park, contact Laine at 920-924-3163 or


Calling all scrapbookers!

by admin23. September 2008 19:00

If you’ve caught the scrapbooking bug, capture your memories while helping Moraine Park Technical College students reach their goals of a better education. The Moraine Park Foundation is hosting “Crop at the College” Saturday, Oct. 18, at the Fond du Lac campus. All proceeds will fund scholarships for Moraine Park students.


This 12-hour scrapbooking crop from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. will feature demonstrations by representatives from Stampin’ Up, Memory Works and Creative Memories, an information station and a swap table.


The $30 registration fee includes large work spaces, snacks, music, a big-screen TV and a chance to win one of several door prizes. Food and beverages will be available for purchase or bring your own. Register today by calling Debbie at 920-924-3263 or e-mail Bring along your scrapbooking friends – and make new ones.


Spanish for Automobile Sales and Service offered at Moraine Park

by admin23. September 2008 19:00

If you work in automobile sales and/or service and don’t know Spanish but your job requires you to interact with Spanish-speaking customers, sign up for Spanish for Automobile Sales and Serviceat Moraine Park Technical College. 


You will learn to greet customers and clients; express and receive dollar amounts; acquire basic sales and financial information from a customer; assist customers with the purchase of an automobile, parts and services; help the customer with basic information regarding automobile insurance, tax, title and licensing; provide payment information; and conduct routine tasks.


Spanish for Automobile Sales and Service (course number 140-467-001) will run for six weeks starting Tuesday, Oct. 7, and ending Tuesday, Nov. 11, from 6 to 8:45 p.m. in Room A-112 on Moraine Park’s Fond du Lac campus, 235 N. National Ave. The class is $42.82 plus the cost of the manual, which can be purchased at the campus bookstore.


To register, call Moraine Park at 1-800-472-4554. If you have previously taken a Moraine Park class, you may register online at Click Course Schedule or Register.


Mary Kerrigan appointed to Moraine Park District Board

by admin21. September 2008 19:00

Mary Kerrigan, RN, of Colgate was appointed to the Moraine Park Technical College District Board as an employer member through June 30, 2010.


“It is very exciting to be given the opportunity to be a district board member of a teaching organization with a mission, vision and strategic goals that are closely aligned with my own personal and professional goals,” said Kerrigan, who served her first meeting on Sept. 17. “I look forward to learning, sharing and serving the community in my new role.”


Kerrigan is the director of patient care at the 70-physician, multi-specialty West Bend Clinic, where she works with a team of Patient Care Supervisors and Administrative support staff to oversee clinical operations. She is also involved in organizational strategic planning, physician recruitment, practice development and optimization. In her role, Kerrigan manages a multimillion-dollar operational and capital budget.


Prior to joining West Bend Clinic in 2002, Kerrigan was the director of the New Life Center at St. Joseph Community Hospital in West Bend. Before that, she served in various roles at St. Michael Hospital in Milwaukee, including director of the Center for Women and Infants. A 1977 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (cum laude), Kerrigan holds a bachelor of science degree in nursing. She also was a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society.


“We are very pleased to have a person with Mary's background and experience on our board,” said Dr. Gayle Hytrek, Moraine Park president. “Her knowledge of the health care field will be invaluable as the board makes decisions regarding our many health care programs.”


Kerrigan and her husband Tim have lived in Washington County for 27 years. They have three daughters who graduated from Hartford Union High School.