Moraine Park IT students get real world experience

by jurben13. November 2006 19:00

Information Technology (IT) students at Moraine Park Technical College’s Fond du Lac campus are getting hands-on, real-world experience before graduation.

Under the supervision of instructors, IT-Technical Support/Networking students run a Computer Clinic to assist Moraine Park staff and students, as well as members of the community, with concerns regarding their home computers. Services include system cleanup, diagnosis and repair, and software and hardware installation.

“The Computer Clinic was started to give students real problems to work with,” said Moraine Park IT-technical support specialist instructor Lisa Pollard. “Students need to contact customers, try to diagnose the problem, make sure they back up all necessary data, and follow through with the picking up of the computer.”

When customers pick up their computers the students explain what they did and teach the customers how to maintain the computers. Pollard also said if people have technical questions, they can send an e-mail to

and their questions will be answered.

The Computer Clinic runs through the end of the fall semester in December, and will start up again with the spring semester.

Moraine Park IT students are shown at the Computer Clinic: l. to r., John Kiekhaefer of Beaver Dam, a first-year student, and Curtis Hawkinson of Fox Lake and Adnan Husic of Fond du Lac, second-year students. The clinic was started to give students real computer problems to work with.


Moraine Park to offer insurance pre-licensing classes

by jurben12. November 2006 19:00

New insurance agents are invited to enroll in insurance pre-licensing classes at Moraine Park Technical College’s Fond du Lac campus.

A week-long class that covers Ethics/Law/Accident/Health/Life Insurance (course number 162-466-002) will meet the pre-licensing needs of the new insurance agent. This class runs Monday, Dec. 11, through Thursday, Dec. 14, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Individual sections of this class also are available to fit participants’ needs. “Ethics and Law Insurance” (162-460-002) will be offered Monday, Dec. 11, from 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. This class explores Wisconsin law as it pertains to the sale of insurance and the importance of ethics in the agent’s role. This class needs to be taken within 12 months of taking the Wisconsin state exams.

“Accident/Health Insurance” (162-462-002) will be offered Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 12-13, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This class explores the types of policies; policy provisions, clauses and riders; social insurance; insurance concepts; and field underwriting procedures. Wisconsin statues, rules and regulations pertinent to disability insurance are covered.

“Life Insurance” (162-464-002) will be offered Wednesday, Dec. 13, from 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. and Thursday, Dec. 14, from 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. This class explores the types of policies; policy riders, provisions, options and exclusions; completing the application, and underwriting and delivering the policy; and taxes, retirement and other insurance concepts. The class applies Wisconsin statues, rules and regulations pertinent to life insurance and annuities.

All sections on this schedule meet the hour requirements as required by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. Moraine Park Technical College will issue course completion certificates.

Textbooks are required for each class. Costs are as follows: “Ethics and Law Insurance,” $38.40; “Accident/Health Insurance,” $55.10; “Life Insurance,” $55.10; and the combination class (all three), $123.60.

Moraine Park’s Fond du Lac Campus is located at 235 N. National Avenue. To register, call 920-929-2100. Those living outside the Fond du Lac area may call 1-800-472-4554.


Small Business Ownership classes offered

by jurben16. December 2001 19:00

Classes for Moraine Park Technical College's Small Business Training Certificate begin Jan. 8, 2001 at the Fond du Lac Campus.

The one-year certificate is designed for people interested in exploring the components small business start-up and operation. It offers something for new and existing entrepreneurs.

"Participants receive hands-on training in the areas of business planning, financing, marketing, customer service, financial management and business communications," said Pat Olson, Moraine Park's dean of business occupations and culinary arts.

The Small Business Ownership Certificate is comprised of five, two-credit courses taken in sequence: Organizing Your Small Business, Financial Management, Marketing, Customer Service and Writing a Business Plan. Moraine Park shares the courses with Fox Valley Technical College, Blackhawk Technical College, and Mid-State Technical College.

Classes are held on Saturday mornings from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and run for six weeks. The first class, Organizing Your Small Business, begins Jan. 8.

To register, call (920) 929-2100 or 1-800-221-6430. Use course number 145-180-002. For more information, contact Pat Olson at (920) 924-3333 or


Spanish class offered for farm managers

by admin2. December 2001 19:00

    Learn to communicate with your Spanish-speaking employees and understand their cultural differences.

    Moraine Park Technical College is offering a short-term training opportunity beginning Friday, Jan. 25 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Fond du Lac Campus. The six-week, 12-hour course provides practical experience with agricultural-related conversation. The instructor, Lori Lasee, can relate to agricultural terminology, having grown up on a dairy farm.

    The fee is $27.02.

    To register for course number 090-388-004, call 920-929-2100 or 1-800-221-6430.


Lt. Governor speaks with area educators

by jurben28. November 2001 19:00

    Wisconsin's Lt. Gov. Margaret Farrow reinforced the value of the state's School-to-Work program and technical education when she spoke to approximately 70 area educators recently at an annual Tech Prep Retreat in Ripon.

    Farrow, who noted two of her five children are graduates of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS), stressed the key role high school instructors, counselors and parents play in making students aware of the many educational opportunities the WTCS provides. She also addressed the critical need for skilled workers in Wisconsin, particularly in today's economic environment.

     Tech Prep Moraine Area Partnership sponsored the one-day retreat that brought together administrators, counselors, tech ed instructors and School-to-Work coordinators from high schools throughout the Moraine Park Technical College District.

     "The retreat provides an opportunity for high schools to come together to strategize School-to-Work initiatives within their districts and hear about state updates," said Char Wacek, Moraine Park's tech prep/school-to-work curriculum specialist.

     The partnership serves thousands of high school students within the Moraine Park district each year. Articulated courses, mini-grants and professional development opportunities are some of the collaborative opportunities provided so students may better prepare for future career success.

     Also speaking at the event were Jim Schultz from the Governor's Work-Based Learning Board; Luther Olsen, chairperson, State Education Committee; Bryan Albrecht, Wis. Dept. of Public Instruction; and Marcia Arndt, Moraine Park's dean of manufacturing technologies.

     For information about Moraine Park's Tech Prep/School-to-Work programs, contact Char Wacek at 920-924-3428 or


Spanish class offered for farm managers

by jurben8. November 2001 19:00

Learn to communicate with your Spanish-speaking employees and understand their cultural differences.

Moraine Park Technical College is offering a short-term training opportunity beginning Friday, Nov. 30 from 12-3 p.m. at its Fond du Lac Campus. The four-week course provides hands-on experiences with agricultural-related conversation. The instructor, Lori Lasee, is familiar with dairy farm terminology, having grown up on a dairy farm.

The cost is $27.02.

To register for course number 090-388-001, call 920-929-2100.


Moraine Park offers bachelors degree completion program

by sruback1. November 2001 19:00

    Imagine going to class whenever you want. Imagine being able to schedule your schoolwork around your job, family, and other activities. Imagine getting a bachelor’s degree this way—starting today.

    Moraine Park Technical College students can earn a bachelor’s degree through Franklin University by taking advantage of an alliance agreement between the two schools. Moraine Park has entered an alliance with Columbus-based Franklin University to offer students the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree. By combining resources, the two educational institutions can offer first-class instruction to students seeking a degree in such high-demand fields as Business Administration, Technical Management, Computer Science, Digital Communication, Health Care Management, Management Information Sciences and Public Safety Management.

    Although many community colleges and universities offer ways to obtain a bachelor’s degree, the Community College Alliance is unique. Students take core courses at Moraine Park, earning an associate’s degree or equivalent. Then they take a selected number of “bridge” courses designed to prepare them for the upper level courses taken from Franklin University. From then on, students connect with professors and classmates via computer. Online assignments are posted by e-mail, and there are scheduled chat sessions in which the class discusses the study topics.When all classes are completed, the student is awarded a bachelor’s degree from Franklin University.

    “The alliance allows students to build upon their positive community college experiences and attain a bachelor’s degree without leaving the community,” said Franklin University president Paul Otte. “I’m excited by the chance to work with Moraine Park Technical College.”

    Both Moraine Park and Franklin University are known for strong student support, so there are many help desks, library resources, and personnel available to answer technical questions or help with research. Students continue to have full access to Moraine Park, including its campus library, advisors, and other resources.

    The strength of this distinctive program is that students have the benefit of belonging to two schools at one time. They can access Franklin’s resources in addition to the resources available at Moraine Park. Franklin’s resources include academic advising, a help desk and a library system. Each student is also assigned a Regional Director who provides support and guidance by answering questions about transcripts, financial aid or even how to purchase textbooks.

    Moraine Park Technical College, with campuses in Beaver Dam, Fond du Lac and West Bend, is one of 16 colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College System. The College offers a variety of educational and training opportunities, including more than 80 associate degree, technical diploma and certificate programs. In addition to its three campuses, Moraine Park has regional sites in Ripon, Mayville and Hartford, along with several other instructional centers throughout the district. The College also offers numerous distance learning opportunities including more than 80 online classes. The Moraine Park web site is located at

    Franklin University serves more than 7,000 students annually through its on-campus programs in Columbus, Ohio and the Community College Alliance. More than 110 community colleges in 17 states and Canada have teamed with the university to serve students. In addition to offering 14 undergraduate degree programs, the 99-year-old University now has four master’s degree programs, including an MBA offered in an online format. In 1999, Franklin was named as one of 15 educational organizations nationwide for a U.S. Department of Education pilot project, which ensures that federal financial aid is available to students pursuing college degrees through distance learning.

For more information on earning your degree through Moraine Park and Franklin University, contact Sally Ruback

at 920-929-2126


Casual Gourmet open for lunch

by admin30. October 2001 19:00

     Friday lunches can be quick, easy, inexpensive and delicious when eating at Moraine Park Technical College's Fond du Lac restaurant, Casual Gourmet. From now until Dec. 21, second-year students in Moraine Park's Culinary Arts program will be operating and serving lunch on Fridays from 11:15 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

     Different specials will be offered each Friday as well as a standard menu which consists of turkey sandwiches, walleye sandwiches, house salads, sweet potato soup, cheesecake filling rolled in tortillas, and Tiramisu parfaits.

    Something new this year is delivery service to Moraine Park staff and students at the Fond du Lac campus. For a small charge, Culinary Arts students will deliver orders during lunch hours. Proceeds from the delivery charge will go to the Culinary Arts Club to support field trips and activities.

    Also new this year is online ordering. Moraine Park students and staff will be able to order lunch online for on-campus delivery or pick up.

    Casual Gourmet is located inside the College's Cyber Center, and is open to the public. Customers are welcome to dine-in or call in orders for pick up. Reservations are strongly recommended.

    For reservations or menu selections, call Moraine Park at (920) 924-6352.


Moraine Park students continue online business

by jurben25. October 2001 19:00

    The International Business Practice Firm (IBPF) at Moraine Park Technical College is working on the continuation of their virtual business, Gifts Unlimited; an online business that sells gift baskets.

    The IBPF, one of the courses in Moraine Park's Marketing Program, is a simulated business that mirrors the real world. With the assistance of instructors, students maintain Gifts Unlimited, and now transact business with other student-run IBPF's via the Internet.

    Students from the class recently visited Bank One of Fond du Lac to meet with Steve Michaels, assistant vice president. Michaels reviewed the business plan and budget, and gave recommendations, which are now being implemented.

    The IBPF is part of the Mercer Network, which is coordinated by Mercer County Community College in Trenton, N.J. Currently, there are approximately 3000 practice firms worldwide with 15 in the United States. The network is primarily comprised of community colleges, but also involves some four-year institutions.


Moraine Park to offer Basic Industrial Maintenance certificate

by jurben11. October 2001 19:00

    In response to business and industry representatives who expressed their needs for well-rounded students with a broad range of industrial skills, Moraine Park Technical College is implementing a Basic Industrial Maintenance Certificate.

    The Basic Industrial Maintenance Certificate, which is anticipated to begin Jan. 2002, will present basic instruction as well as hands-on experiences for individuals looking to further develop their skills in industrial maintenance areas. "This certificate is designed to provide the broad base of instruction needed by both employers and employees in today's work place," says Bobbi Laine, dean of trades and computer technologies for Moraine Park. "The skills developed in these courses prepare employees to succeed in the variety of situations they face each day."

    Renee McCoy, training coordinator at Quad Graphics, sees this new certificate as benefiting her company and its participating employees. According to McCoy, it will reduce costly downtime and minimize rework and mistakes. Work quality should also improve and the self-worth of participating employees should increase.

    "Continuing education is becoming an element of continual employment," said McCoy. "Through additional training and education, employees will be able to work smarter - not harder."

Courses to be taught in the Basic Industrial Maintenance Certificate are:
  • General Welding
  • Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics 1
  • Robotics and Automated Material Handling
  • Technical Print Reading
  • Basic Machining Techniques
  • Industrial Electricity 1
  • Math, Occupational 1
     For more information on Moraine Park's Basic Industrial Maintenance Certificate, call Bobbi Laine at (920) 924-3163.