Moraine Park offers bachelors degree completion program

by sruback1. November 2001 19:00

    Imagine going to class whenever you want. Imagine being able to schedule your schoolwork around your job, family, and other activities. Imagine getting a bachelor’s degree this way—starting today.

    Moraine Park Technical College students can earn a bachelor’s degree through Franklin University by taking advantage of an alliance agreement between the two schools. Moraine Park has entered an alliance with Columbus-based Franklin University to offer students the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree. By combining resources, the two educational institutions can offer first-class instruction to students seeking a degree in such high-demand fields as Business Administration, Technical Management, Computer Science, Digital Communication, Health Care Management, Management Information Sciences and Public Safety Management.

    Although many community colleges and universities offer ways to obtain a bachelor’s degree, the Community College Alliance is unique. Students take core courses at Moraine Park, earning an associate’s degree or equivalent. Then they take a selected number of “bridge” courses designed to prepare them for the upper level courses taken from Franklin University. From then on, students connect with professors and classmates via computer. Online assignments are posted by e-mail, and there are scheduled chat sessions in which the class discusses the study topics.When all classes are completed, the student is awarded a bachelor’s degree from Franklin University.

    “The alliance allows students to build upon their positive community college experiences and attain a bachelor’s degree without leaving the community,” said Franklin University president Paul Otte. “I’m excited by the chance to work with Moraine Park Technical College.”

    Both Moraine Park and Franklin University are known for strong student support, so there are many help desks, library resources, and personnel available to answer technical questions or help with research. Students continue to have full access to Moraine Park, including its campus library, advisors, and other resources.

    The strength of this distinctive program is that students have the benefit of belonging to two schools at one time. They can access Franklin’s resources in addition to the resources available at Moraine Park. Franklin’s resources include academic advising, a help desk and a library system. Each student is also assigned a Regional Director who provides support and guidance by answering questions about transcripts, financial aid or even how to purchase textbooks.

    Moraine Park Technical College, with campuses in Beaver Dam, Fond du Lac and West Bend, is one of 16 colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College System. The College offers a variety of educational and training opportunities, including more than 80 associate degree, technical diploma and certificate programs. In addition to its three campuses, Moraine Park has regional sites in Ripon, Mayville and Hartford, along with several other instructional centers throughout the district. The College also offers numerous distance learning opportunities including more than 80 online classes. The Moraine Park web site is located at

    Franklin University serves more than 7,000 students annually through its on-campus programs in Columbus, Ohio and the Community College Alliance. More than 110 community colleges in 17 states and Canada have teamed with the university to serve students. In addition to offering 14 undergraduate degree programs, the 99-year-old University now has four master’s degree programs, including an MBA offered in an online format. In 1999, Franklin was named as one of 15 educational organizations nationwide for a U.S. Department of Education pilot project, which ensures that federal financial aid is available to students pursuing college degrees through distance learning.

For more information on earning your degree through Moraine Park and Franklin University, contact Sally Ruback

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