Moraine Park passes quality improvement review

by admin16. April 2007 19:00

Moraine Park Technical College passed a recent “checkup” by the North Central Association (NCA) of Colleges and Schools’ Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP).


Moraine Park was accepted into AQIP in 2001. AQIP conducts Quality Checkup site visits during the fifth or sixth year in every seven-year cycle of participation. These visits are conducted by experienced AQIP reviewers to determine whether an institution continues to meet the criteria for accreditation of the Higher Learning Commission, a commission of the NCA, and whether it is using quality management principles and building a culture of continuous improvement as participation in AQIP requires. AQIP teams include peers from educational institutions throughout the U.S. and representatives outside higher education.


Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and a member of the North Central Association, Moraine Park submitted its first Systems Portfolio in May 2005. The portfolio addresses the nine AQIP criteria, describing context, processes, results and improvements in each institutional system. The portfolio is a valuable document that reflects changes in Moraine Park’s processes and systems; it is available for review by Moraine Park employees and students, the Higher Learning Commission and Department of Education, along with other community stakeholders. Reviewers provide formal evaluation and feedback.


“Being an AQIP participant provides the College with ongoing feedback on our systems and processes, resulting in improvement of employee participation and services for our students,” said Dr. Gayle Hytrek, Moraine Park president.


In the AQIP team's judgment, Moraine Park presented satisfactory evidence in all categories reviewed by the team and met the goals of the Quality Checkup. According to the report:


  • “College personnel are doing truly amazing and inspiring quality-improvement work …”
  • “Perhaps the most significant focus of the institution is their ongoing drive to truly become and remain a data-driven decision-making college.”
  • “Principles and practices for quality improvement are embedded in the College operations and culture.”


During the 2007-08 academic year, Moraine Park’s Quality Checkup report will be reviewed by the HLC and
a decision will be made to reaffirm the College’s accreditation. This report can be viewed by the public at