Sessions still available for Moraine Park's Tech Knowledge College

by admin16. May 2007 19:00

Six sessions at Moraine Park Technical College’s Tech Knowledge College (TKC) still have openings left. To be held July 31-Aug. 2 at the Fond du Lac campus, TKC is fun way for kids entering 6th through 8th grade to explore a variety of careers.


Remaining sessions include:


Discover China: Learn to say your name in Chinese and how to write numbers. Learn about China’s products, customs and clothing, and the ways in which China and the U.S. are similar and different.


Go, Team, Go!: By finding out what “color” you are (red, green, etc.) you can learn about who you are, what you like and dislike and why you react the way you do. With your TKC team members you will learn how to take your individual styles and work together as a team.


Intercontinental Auto Techs: Are foreign cars different from American cars when it comes to servicing and maintaining them? Check it out at Intercontinental Auto Techs! Do vehicle inspections, check fluids, access computerized service manuals and more.


Numbers – Making Money in Business: Set up a lemonade stand, decide how much lemonade and other supplies to buy, set the price and see how much you can sell. Create a balance sheet and profit and loss statement and balance your company checkbook.


Science Anatomy Team: Become a scientist for three days and conduct experiments to discover what makes your heart beat, how food is digested, how your lungs work, what your liver does and more.



Wide World of Nursing: Monitor blood pressure, take temperatures and measure heights, weights and body fat. Do your own self-health screenings including blood sugars and cholesterol. Learn about technology used in health care. Visit a health clinic in Fond du Lac to do audiograms, vision and pulmonary testing.


Cost is $85. For more information, visit or call or e-mail Jan Logan at 920-924-6381, 1-800-472-4554 or