Moraine Park offering Spanish for the Physician's Office

by admin6. December 2007 19:00

Are you a non-Spanish-speaking healthcare professional? Does your job require you to interact with and care for Spanish-speaking patients? If yes, Spanish for the Physician’s Office is the course for you.


Participants will learn to use Spanish to obtain basic information and patient history, determine chief complaints, obtain vital signs, perform physical assessments, explain diagnoses, assist with the patient’s family, reduce the fear of the clinical and hospital setting and explain how the health care system works. Healthcare staff will also be able to discuss payment issues, explain treatment, and give discharge information and follow-up instructions. 


A manual with two CDs will be part of the instructional material. Modeling, role-playing, simulations and situation cards will also be used in this enjoyable way to learn a second language.


Spanish for the Physician’s Office, course number 140-439-001, will run for six Wednesdays, Jan. 9 through Feb. 13, from 6 to 8:45 p.m. in Room O-214 on the Fond du Lac campus. The instructor is Sara Druckery. The course costs $40.82 and the manual, which can be purchased at the campus bookstore, is $42.95.


To register for the class, call 1-800-472-4554. Moraine Park’s Fond du Lac campus is located at 235 N. National Avenue. For directions, go to and click on About Moraine Park then Campus Information.