Moraine Park TEE Bus takes to the road

by admin9. October 2008 19:00

Moraine Park Technical College has added a new educational delivery method to its classroom, online, blended and IVC offerings: A vehicle that brings Moraine Park services to the clients.


Side of the TEE Bus which is covered with Moraine Park images.

Dubbed the Technical Education Everywhere (TEE) Bus, the vision for the vehicle is to serve as a means for Moraine Park to reach out to its communities by extending the delivery of technical education, while simultaneously promoting the value of technical education in increasing our region's skills and global competitiveness.


“Our goal is to have the TEE Bus present at a variety of our district’s community events, thus providing a convenient way for individuals to learn about Moraine Park and its offerings,” said Josh Bullock, Moraine Park vice president of strategic advancement. “It can be used to the benefit of our communities in a variety of ways including basic education course offerings, K-12 school visits, career planning and assessment opportunities, and Accuplacer testing, to name a few.”


The TEE Bus will also serve as an additional mode of delivery for Moraine Park’s Economic and Workforce Development Community Training department.


“Right now the TEE Bus could be used for any type of Microsoft Office training scenario,” said Katharine Schlieve, Moraine Park economic and workforce development sales representative. “We're getting requests to strengthen skills in all of the MS Office products and particularly the transition to MS Office 2007. The TEE Bus allows a business that may not have facilities to train on-site, which will minimize their downtime and any related travel expenses.”


“We would encourage organizations to invite the TEE Bus to their events so we can share Moraine Park’s programs and services with their audience,” said Bullock.


For general inquiries about the TEE Bus, contact Debbie Martin at 920-924-3263. For business training, contact Sandra Justman at 920-924-3449.