Give your career a makeover: Consider cosmetology

by admin7. July 2009 19:00

For workers who are seeking new career choices, the cosmetology industry offers some options for both women and men, according to Jon Waldhuetter, dean of apprenticeship at Moraine Park Technical College.


The need for qualified individuals to complete the training to become licensed is very high. “For the right individual – one who is creative, social, has good communication skills and wants to make a difference in the lives of others – the cosmetology industry can provide some excellent career choices,” said Waldhuetter. He added, “There is a huge demand for males to get on board with this nontraditional occupation. Not just as barbers, but also as licensed cosmetologists trained in all aspects of personal care.”


The State of Wisconsin requires barbers, cosmetologists, aestheticians, manicurists and electrologists to be licensed professionals.


“One of the benefits of pursuing a career in cosmetology is that the required training can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time and in several delivery modes,” said Waldhuetter. He indicated that at Moraine Park, a barber/cosmetologist student can complete the entire program in three academic semesters in either a face-to-face classroom situation or an apprenticeship model where students work in a salon then attend school one day a week. Apprentices are paid by their sponsoring employer while they work and on the day they attend school.


Another option – a perfect fit for individuals who need to be at home or are limited in their ability to travel – is the online Barber/Cosmetologist Apprenticeship, which can also be completed in three academic semesters. “Moraine Park is presently the only school in the state to offer the cosmetology apprenticeship in a 100-percent online format,” said Waldhuetter. “The online format provides an outstanding option for the right type of student with the right circumstances affecting their ability to succeed.” 


Another great opportunity is the Nail Technician program at Moraine Park’s Fond du Lac campus, which can be completed in even less time – four evenings a week for 20 weeks, over two semesters. Upon completion of this program, students will possess the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical experience to complete the State of Wisconsin licensing exam and begin a successful career in the personal care industry.


Can an individual make a respectable living in cosmetology? According to Eileen Bouchard, Moraine Park barber/cosmetology instructor, “Absolutely – for the right person with drive and initiative it would not be uncommon to see a licensed cosmetologist with industry experience and an established clientele making $30,000 to 40,000 or more annually.”


Today, as many struggle with lost jobs, economic issues and career indecisions, the personal care industry can offer new employment possibilities and job satisfaction.


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