Moraine Park honors John Lippold with Student of the Year award

by speitz9. June 2011 06:34

Moraine Park Technical College bid farewell to more than 1,100 graduates in May, including John Lippold, a Graphic Communication Design student, Jackson resident, and Moraine Park’s fifth recipient of its Student of the Year Award.

Lippold’s educational journey began when he was displaced from his job in check processing at a large Wisconsin bank. “The events of Sept. 11 lead to the Federal Reserve requiring banks to eliminate transporting checks for collection and I didn’t have the option of finding another related job, because the job doesn’t exist anywhere in the country,” said Lippold.

Knowing he would need to retrain, Lippold turned to design. It was something he had always been interested in, in one form or another, and the graphics program at Moraine Park seemed like a good fit.

Lippold got started in the program and wasted no time getting involved with student activities. He served as Graphics Club President, West Bend Student Senate President, District Student Government Secretary, and a member of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society.

“I have enjoyed the interaction with staff and students at Moraine Park,” said Lippold. “The success of any organization depends on the people, and I’ve definitely experienced success in Moraine Park student life activities because of the dedicated people, many of whom are now my friends.”

These friends, along with the faculty and staff at Moraine Park, have made Lippold’s time at Moraine Park fly by. “I will miss all of them,” said Lippold.

Lippold, who is married with two daughters, one step-son, two step-daughters and 10 grandchildren, is hoping for a career in graphic design with an ultimate goal of owning his own company. With his passion for learning and true perseverance, Lippold is well on his way.

As for receiving the Student of the Year award, Lippold is honored and humbled.

“I have always believed a person should leave a job or organization better than when they started but I never felt it was up to me to judge my performance. The receipt of the Student of the Year award makes that evaluation for me. I feel privileged to receive it.”

Nominees for the Student of the Year Award must be graduating, exemplify the College’s core abilities and also excel in classroom and community involvement. Lippold was selected by a Moraine Park committee made up of students, support professionals, faculty and administration members.

Lippold spoke at Moraine Park’s commencement ceremony on May 21. For more information on Moraine Park, visit