Moraine Park hosts Multicultural Day

by jbrezinsky29. March 2012 03:54

It will be a cultural journey complete with food, entertainment and socializing as Moraine Park Technical College hosts the 17th annual multicultural Day on Wednesday, April 18. All are welcome to share in the celebration of diversity as 20 different countries are represented.

Sponsored by the Multicultural Club, Student Senate, Diversity Relations, Culinary Arts Club and Human Resources Systems at Moraine Park, this event runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Cyber Center cafeteria on Moraine Park’s Fond du Lac campus. Cost to attend is $2 for students, $3 for staff and $5 for public.

The cultural cuisine this year includes a Peruvian dish, lasagna, a noodle dish, empanadas, and fresh berry tiramisu.  In addition to the cuisine, there will be a cultural attire show and parade.  Booths representing different cultures will be on display with artifacts and information about the area they represent throughout the event.

Tribal Fusion Belly dancers

Providing entertainment are the Tribal Fusion Belly dancers. Tamarind spreads the joy of tribal style belly dance through their exhilarating performances, as well as classes and specialty workshops.  A Tamarind show is an event in itself, with swirling skirts, ornate costumes, shimmying hips and exuberant drum beats.  Their performances are upbeat, unique, and great for all ages.

Another entertainer will be Tou Ger Xiong.  His one-man show combines explosive energy, humor, folklore, dance, and rap music into an interactive performance that educates about cultural diversity and racial stereotypes.  He will take audience members on a journey of his life from the jungles of Laos, to the refugee camps of Thailand, and to the public housing projects of America.


For more information about the Multicultural Day or the Multicultural club at Moraine Park Technical College please contact William Green at 920-924-6355 or at