Moraine Park’s STRAT program receives national recognition

by jbrezinsky30. March 2012 06:19

It’s developing executive talent in the community, helping to navigate a new economy, aligning talent and engaging a workforce.  Moraine Park Technical College’s Strategy, Alignment, Talent (STRAT) program just kicked off its second session and is pleased to announce the honor of receiving the National Council of Instructional Administrators (NCIA) Honorable Mention in the category of Community and Workforce Needs and Partnerships. Moraine Park will be recognized at the awards luncheon of the International Conference on College Teaching and Learning on April 11 in Jacksonville, Fla.

NCIA is an affiliate council of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), dedicated to serving the needs of professionals involved in instructional administration in the community college.  A panel of community college practitioners from across the country evaluated Moraine Park’s STRAT submission and selected it for the recognition.  Two submissions in each category are recognized as a winner and honorable mention. 

            “This is an outstanding recognition to receive and further represents the quality program that STRAT is providing to others,” said Dr. Sheila Ruhland, Moraine Park president.

How does STRAT work? STRAT combines classroom training, experiential learning, practical application and personal coaching to help leaders grow into strategic thinkers to help their business grow.   As the business climate continues to change, leaders need to be able to think forward while leading the change in their organization.  Developed with input from industry leaders, STRAT provides the necessary training, locally, to help develop the skills leaders need to strategically navigate this new economy.                                              

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