Moraine Park hosts High School Culinary Arts Olympics

by jbrezinsky20. April 2012 04:29

 Area High School students at Moraine Park’s Culinary Arts Olympics participate in the Sandwich Relay Contest.      Six area high schools were represented at the Culinary Arts Olympics, recently held at Moraine Park Technical College. Forty-four students from Chilton, Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah, Hartford Union, Princeton, Sheboygan Falls, Sheboygan North and Sheboygan South had their hats, aprons and cooking utensils ready for the challenge. 
     Moraine Park hosts the event each year, where Family and Consumer Education (FACE) students came to learn more about culinary arts and get a feel for cooking in a large, industrial-grade kitchen. With guidance from Moraine Park students and culinary arts instructors, the students participated in one of three events: a Sandwich Construction Relay, Layered Cake Decorating and the Create-A-Plate Challenge.
     In layered cake decorating, Allison Edwards of Sheboygan South received first place, Pader Xiong of Sheboygan North took home second place and coming in third was Breanna Alsteen of Sheboygan North. Heather Young of Hartford and Jordan Voland of Sheboygan Falls received honorable mentions.
     In the Create-A-Plate Challenge, Caleb Richter and Nicole Lilla of Sheboygan Falls received first and second place, respectively. Emily Grunewald of Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah took home third place. Beth Tessmer of Chilton and Paige Soerens of Sheboygan South received honorable mentions.
     In the sandwich construction relay, the Princeton High School team of Brooke Wargula, Tony Crivello and Danny Bednarek came in first. Coming in second was the team from Sheboygan Falls: David Bohlman, Sawyer Boldt and Shawn Grothe. Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah’s team came in third with Tyler Jones, Stavey Kay and Josh Schneider.
     Students left knowing a little more about the Culinary Arts world, ready to apply those skills in the FACE classroom. For more information on Moraine Park’s Culinary Arts program, visit