Moraine Park’s Ruhland appointed to Joint Legislative Council

by jbrezinsky3. July 2012 08:58

 Ruhland to help improve educational opportunities for State high schools
     Moraine Park Technical College President, Dr. Sheila Ruhland, will represent Moraine Park at the state level with her recent appointment to the State of Wisconsin Joint Legislative Council. The Council’s primary responsibility is to establish study committees to examine major issues and problems identified by the Legislature. Ruhland will serve as a Public Member of the Special Committee on Improving Educational Opportunities in High School.
     Ruhland is looking forward to discussing and recommending educational opportunities for students throughout the state. “The scope of this committee clearly aligns with my work experiences and interest in looking at options for high school students, specific to career and technical education, and determining ways to increase post-secondary enrollment,” Ruhland shared.
     The Committee is directed to develop legislation to create and enhance opportunities for both lower-and higher-achieving students in high school. On the Committee, Ruhland will evaluate post-secondary enrollment, including the Youth Options Program, examine both career and technical education and post-secondary enrollment options available to high school students in other states.       
     Ruhland will also help determine how to promote coordination between high schools, technical colleges, universities and employers to ensure that high school students have the skills necessary to meet the work force needs to employers in the state.
     “Over the years we have seen a decline in the number of secondary courses available to educate and train high school students in career and technical education,” said Ruhland. “I believe that these courses are a critical pipeline that encourage and make students aware of post-secondary educational training opportunities, which is necessary if we are to meet the current and future workforce training needs in Wisconsin.”
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