Moraine Park offers Intro to Observational Astronomy, Oct. 15-24

by jbrezinsky26. September 2012 04:01

Are you interested in the wonders of the night sky? View stars, constellations and planets using modern telescopes that highlight the mountains and craters on the Moon, the cloud bands and largest moons of Jupiter, the remains of supernovae, and even the galaxies outside our own Milky Way.

During Introduction to Observational Astronomy, led by experienced amateur astronomer Jeff Setzer, participants learn about how stars are formed, the history of the telescope, the structure of the universe, and more.

“The planet Jupiter will be available very late in the evening during our class,” said Setzer. “Even though it will be low in the sky while class is in session, we will be able to see the major cloud bands on the planet itself, and the four ‘Galilean moons’ that were discovered by Galileo Galilei, in 1609.”

Introduction to Observational Astronomy (CRN 21445) will be held from 8-10 p.m., Mondays and Wednesdays, Oct. 15-24, at Moraine Park Technical College in West Bend. To register call 1-800-472-4554. The deadline to register is Monday, Oct. 8 and cost is $43 (62 and over $33.25).