Moraine Park Alumni help put finishing touches on new lab

by abemis14. October 2013 13:27

Moraine Park alumni, now employees of Gillitzer Electric Services, Inc., Richfield, Wis., returned to their alma mater last week donating their time to help put the finishing touches on a new, one-of-a-kind Building Trades lab at Moraine Park’s West Bend campus.Moraine Park alums and Gillitzer Electric employees Tyler Benvenuto (left) and Chester Snuggs (right) install conduit for the new Building Trades lab at Moraine Park’s West Bend campus.

The Gillitzer team spent the morning digging trenches to install conduit for an underground wire pull. The wire pull will be used for student training exercises and will provide basic electricity for the new lab.

“I am glad to be part of the project,” Lance Gillitzer, owner of Gillitzer Electric and a Moraine Park alum, said. "Donating time back to a great school that has helped me and many of my employees become successful is very rewarding."

Tyler Benvenuto, a 2006 Moraine Park graduate of the Electricity program has been working for Gillitzer Electric since graduation. He began as an apprentice and is now a Master Electrician.

“This sort of setup gives students hands-on experience but also familiarizes them with working on a job site,” Benvenuto said. “We are huge supporters of what Moraine Park is doing here.”

The new lab, or “the building within a building,” as it is currently being called, is a large structure designed to look and feel like an in-progress job site.  The lab helps get students acclimated to working on a job site and gives them the opportunity to practice skills learned in the classroom. The new lab is scheduled to be ready for use later this month.

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