Moraine Park counselor publishes children’s book

by abemis28. October 2013 16:05

Changing the way the world is viewed is no small feat but it’s something that Moraine Park Technical College Counselor, Amy Andersen, is striving to do. Andersen inspires others through her work as a counselor, her positive outlook on life and now through her new children’s book, The Rock and the Ripple. 

Moraine Park Technical College Counselor, Amy Andersen (right) with her children and granddaughter at The Rock and the Ripple book signing at Beckets Restaurant in Oshkosh, Wis.

The idea to write the book came to Andersen 17 years ago when her children were growing up.“I wanted to give my children a positive story to teach them about the power of creating a beautiful world by just changing the way they think,” Andersen said.

Through her new book Andersen hopes to empower all children to think positive, dream big and care about the world around them.

The book, published in September 2013, was written and illustrated by Andersen and is recommended for children ages one through ten. Andersen also published another short story, called The Love Triangle, in 2010. For more information or to order one of Andersen’s book, visit