$288,075 and counting. Got your attention?

Through the generosity and support of area business, that’s how much money has been pledged to date for the FACT (Forming Alliances to Cultivate Talent) scholarship program at Moraine Park. If you’re interested in a career in manufacturing, these scholarships could offer life-changing help in accomplishing your goals!

Jenni Morse, a second-year mechanical design student (and awesome mom),  was a FACT scholarship recipient this year, and she can vouch:

factspeakersJenni“[This] scholarship has helped me exponentially this year and I appreciate it, as these last two semesters are higher level courses that have made working the hours to support my family difficult … By helping me continue my education, [this scholarship is] also providing my child a better platform for a successful future. The education I’ve gained from my time at Moraine Park is invaluable, and has made me a more attractive job candidate.”

So what exactly is FACT, and how can you potentially receive a scholarship? Glad you asked! Here’s seven helpful things you need to know!

What is the FACT Initiative (Forming Alliances to Cultivate Talent)?

Manufacturers are facing a shortage of qualified workers and Moraine Park Technical College is in a key position to equip students with needed skills through our manufacturing programs. In order to fast track skilled workers into the workforce, the Moraine Park Foundation partnered with generous manufacturers to create the FACT Initiative. This initiative provides scholarship opportunities to manufacturing students for meeting enrollment criteria and academic success.
Which programs qualify for the FACT Initiative Scholarship Program?

FACT scholarships are available to students enrolled full-time in the following program areas:
  • Mechanical Design
  • Process Engineering
  • Fabrication Technologies
  • Mechatronics
  • CNC/Tool & Die Technologies
How do I qualify for a FACT Scholarship?

Students must carry a minimum of 12 credits per semester and maintain at least a 2.75 GPA to qualify for a FACT scholarship.

Are Welding and Metal Fabrication included in the FACT Initiative?

Yes. Students enrolled in Welding and Metal Fabrication must carry a minimum of 6 credits per semester and maintain at least a 2.75 GPA to qualify for a FACT scholarship.

How much is a FACT scholarship?

Full-time degree students can qualify for a scholarship up to $500* and Welding or Metal Fabrication students can qualify for a scholarship up to $250.*

Do I need to fill out a scholarship application?

Yes. The College identifies students who meet the qualifications for the FACT program. If you qualify, you will receive an email giving you the specifics of how to apply for a FACT scholarship. Once all applications are reviewed, you will receive a second email notifying you if you received a scholarship award.

Who do I contact if I have questions about FACT?

Please contact your program instructor or the Foundation Office at 920-924-3225.

*All grant awards are dependent on the balance of the FACT Initiative Fund and may be withdrawn at any time.

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