“A-STEP” to Better Sleep…

A-STEP students

A-STEP students analyzing data on the computer

According to the National Sleep Foundation, it is estimated that more than 18 million adults in America have sleep apnea.  It’s also estimated that between 10-20% of habitually snoring children experience obstructive sleep apnea.  These are astounding statistics in a society full of sleep deprived individuals.  These individuals seek help at Sleep Centers throughout the country.  Did you know we have about 10 sleep centers within an hour of Fond du Lac?

For those seeking a new career in healthcare, becoming a Sleep Technician might be a good option for you.  Do you enjoy working nights?  If you really don’t mind working 3rd shift, like to work with people and computers, this career could be for you! Most Sleep Technicians work overnight conducting sleep studies, reviewing the results and creating summary reports to guide the patients care.

The A-STEP Introduction to Sleep program at MPTC was developed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  In collaboration with St. Agnes Hospital, the program is offered locally in Fond du Lac for those interested in pursuing a career as a Sleep Technician.  This 80-hour accredited course is a great introduction to Sleep Medicine and allows students a faster pathway to a great career.  While there are additional requirements after the 80-hour training, they are generally completed while the Sleep Tech is working in the field as either an Intern or entry level Sleep Technician.

To learn more about A-STEP, email lschelter@morainepark.edu or call 1-920-924-6408.


Written by Samantha Story