“A World Of Possibilities” — by Claire Sager

Claire Sager

Hi, my name is Claire Sager. I am 24 years old, living in West Bend, WI. In 2013, I graduated from Living Word Lutheran High School in Jackson.

Personally, I enjoy reading, hunting, photography, and could spend days getting lost in museums. I am engaged to be married this August! As the day comes closer; we get more and more excited. My fiancé has an 8-year-old son. As a family we enjoy attending the races at the Beaver Dam Raceway, mini golfing, swimming at the beach in Port Washington, traveling, and playing outside.

After high school, I took some time off of school to really decide what I want to do in life. At 19, I started school at Waukesha County Technical College for Interior Design. Every part of that program was great, but I needed a change; which happily brought me to Moraine Park Technical College.

Here, at MPTC, I had a variety of career and education opportunities. I really wanted to find a path that could support a family, offer benefits, and something I could enjoy doing. I knew it would be hard to replace the design program. Going into MPTC, my mindset was not replacing my love of design but encouraging an outcome that would bring my family a world of opportunities.

I took my strengths into consideration and decided to enter the Administrative Professional program. At the time, this gave me the option of having a dual program with a degree in the Legal Administrative Professional program. With the dual program, I will earn two associate’s degrees in 2.5 years. I am very proud to say; I will complete a 2.5-year program in 2 years! Along with the associate’s degrees, I will have a Technical Diploma in Office Assistant and a Certificate in Customer Service. I am thrilled to be walking at the commencement ceremony in May and receive two of my four achievements. The other two I will receive after the summer semester.

Recently, I heard that the program for Office Management will end and a new program will take its place. I am seeking this credential as well. In December, I will achieve my second Technical Diploma, as a Virtual Assistant.

In total, by the end of 2019, I will have the following:

Administrative Professional Associate’s Degree
Legal Administrative Professional Associate’s Degree
Office Assistant Technical Diploma
Virtual Assistant Technical Diploma
Customer Service Certificate
I strongly believe in education. Something so great about Moraine Park is that they offer real opportunities for adults. All of the achievements I will be graduating with would not be as opportune at a university. For a working adult, an adult with a family, or a student fresh out of high school MPTC offers success in various ways. Moraine Park can offer students an education, success, a career, and a positive start to their future!

My instructors have not only educated and lead my classes, but they also give me insight and constructive feedback for my career field. I continue to learn about more ways to apply my degree and possible outcomes of my education. My instructors encourage the benefits of my education and career. Aside from the textbooks and classes, I have learned life skills to fit my trade and make me a better person. Communication, soft skills, and professionalism are just a few of the other benefits a student learns throughout their time at MPTC.

With all of my education credentials, I have a world of opportunity. My degrees will allow me to work in an endless amount of industries. To name a few, I could work for a law firm, school district, insurance company, corporate office, local business, or work remotely. I like the variety offered by my program choices and the option to grow and promote within a position. When necessary, I will continue education and training for my success and growth.

After Moraine Park I will join the workforce. In which exact field/industry I have not yet decided. As I said, I have an endless amount of options! I have hopes to work for a school district, a corporate office, or a law firm.

Not only have I gained an education, but Moraine Park has granted me possibilities for what could be. I will be able to provide for my family, encourage our hobbies, grow in a business, and continue developing skills that will help my career and personal life.


Written by Amy Harmsen