Can Chlorine Really Turn Hair Green?- Advice From Our Beauty Experts

Smiling blonde with inflatable in the pool

Do you have blonde hair or highlights?

Beware of the effects of chlorine, because it can turn your golden-locks green! And, I’m not talking about the trending hair colors, either!

Our beauty expert, Eileen Bourchard a cosmetology instructor at Moraine Park, shares her beauty tips on how to keep your hair healthy at the pool this summer!

“I suggest wetting the hair down with water (non-chlorine) before going into the pool. Most public pools have an open shower area that can be accessed for this. I also recommend putting some conditioner in the hair without rinsing, that way the hair doesn’t have the ability to soak up as much chlorine. After swimming, you can use a chlorine shampoo to help remove any chlorine from the hair.”

Are you reading this after “the damage is done” and your chlorine shampoo isn’t doing the trick?

There are salon treatments that can remove chlorine from the hair. The Techniques Salon at Moraine Park can give you more guidance on what to do next. Get in touch with them by clicking here!

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Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller