This week the Senior students get a glimpse of what the State Board exam is like.  Every Cosmetology class participates in this mock board test so they are prepared when they take the actual test.  A couple days before the mock test, students pack the supplies needed to complete the test.  There are specific guidelines and processes that have to be followed.  

Mock boards are treated just like the State Boards.  Students wait in the hallway with their assigned number.  They enter the room and find their assigned spot.  From this point on, the students can not talk.  Nothing happens until the Proctor gives directions.  A Proctor reads the instructions to students and they perform the steps needed to complete that section.  All sections are timed and evaluated by the instructors.  Students do need to take this seriously because it is 40% of their final grade.

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MPTC Cosmetology Student performing mock boards while instructor grades student

Written by Michelle Freund
Admin Aide - Cosmetology