Great Education For Less!

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Did you know that general education courses taken at Moraine Park Technical College transfer to many four-year colleges?

Taking courses in areas such as communication, math, natural science, social science, and behavioral science at Moraine Park will give you a head start on your education and big financial savings.  In fact, our students will pay approximately 60% less than a student at a four-year college for their general education credits.

Not only do you save money per credit but you can also save significantly on living costs by not having to live in a dorm or other costly living arrangements.  Plus, you may have the advantage of being close to home, friends, and family.

You can start mapping out your education path today by using the Transfer Wizard. This technology will allow you to see how your Moraine Park credits will transfer to the college of your choice. Moraine Park has transfer agreements with over 40 Colleges and Universities. You can view them here. We also strongly encourage you to contact your four-year college to confirm the transferability of your Moraine Park credits.

For information on taking your general education credits at Moraine Park, or on a specific college transfer program, please call Melissa Schmidt at (920) 924-6394.

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Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller