Introducing Moraine Park’s Student Senate Executive Teams!

Congratulations to Moraine Park’s 2022-23 Student Senate Officers!

Moraine Park’s Student Government provides a forum for students to share opinions on college issues and offers opportunities to get involved in college life. Participation promotes skill building and leadership development. Students work with each other, plan student development opportunities, act as liaisons amongst the student body and interact with faculty and the administration in the promotion of student rights. Student Senates are setup on each of MPTC’s campuses to provide individualized attention to campus issues and activities. Representatives include at-large members and representatives from each campus club.

Beaver Dam Executive Team

From left to right: Mailia Bachleitner, Morgan Ottman and Ivan Hebbe.

Secretary: Morgan Ottman of Oconomowoc – Nursing

Vice President: Mailia Bachleitner of Juneau – IT Software Development

President: Ivan Hebbe of Princeton – Electrical Power Distribution

“Becoming Student Senate President means a couple different things to me,” Hebbe said. “It allows me as an individual to grow and work outside my usual comfort zone as well as help others do the same. It also enables me to try to blend the different programs at Moraine Park and understand the different views and ideas that come with them. I hope this year is full of fun and excitement as well as next year with the footprints that we leave as a whole Senate this year.”

Fond du Lac Executive Team

From left to right: Damien Garza, Allison Newman and Tim Reynolds.

Secretary:  Tim Reynolds of Van Dyne – IT Cyber Security

Vice President: Allison Newman of Richfield – Medical Laboratory Technician

President: Damien Garza of Watertown – Medical Laboratory Technician

“What I am looking forward to most this year is my leadership role,” Garza said. “I believe my office gives me a unique opportunity to make our students feel included here at MPTC. Studies consistently show that the more involved a student is on campus, the more likely they are to graduate. I believe it is part of my job to make sure our students, no matter their program of study, feel like they are part of the wolf pack. I know that my academic success is directly correlated to my involvement here on campus, and want to share the fun and inclusive environment that Lucas Nieman has worked hard to procure here.”

West Bend Executive Team

From left to right: Jacob Weymeir, Sara Dzierzewski, Aspyn Koslowski and Andy Dionne.

Secretary: Sara Dzierzewski of West Bend – General Studies

Treasurer: Jacob Weymier of West Bend – CNC/Tool & Die

Vice President: Aspyn Koslowski of West Bend – HVAC

President: Andy Dionne of West Bend – CNC/Tool & Die

“Becoming Student Senate President means I can test my leadership skills and my ability to do good for the whole of the college,” Dionne said. “I look forward to planning many fun student life events and community service opportunities.”

Written by Emilie Wilson