Meet Kim Dickinson

Kim dickinson headshotMy name is Kim Dickinson. I graduated from the Business Management-Supervision associate program in 2015. I am what may be called a “late bloomer.” It took me 30 years after graduating from high school to realize I wanted more out of my work life than what a high school diploma could give me. I was at a point in my life that I could think about what I wanted and do what needed to be done to achieve my goals. That’s how I ended up enrolled at Moraine Park. It fit all of my needs.

When I started at Moraine Park, I told myself to get involved in student government or some other club so I could get the entire college experience. My shyness kept me from taking that first step. It was one of my instructors nominating me for Student Ambassador that changed my life.

I was so surprised and humbled that one of my instructors noticed me and thought I would make a good Student Ambassador for Moraine Park. I was determined to do my absolute best in the interviews. It was the confidence booster I needed to bring me out of my shell. I became the Student Ambassador and was determined to do my very best to represent the college that provided me the opportunities to become the person I was always meant to be.

I took advantage of every opportunity I had to get to know new people and let them get to know me. I tried very hard to say “yes” to everything that was asked of me. I wanted to share my experiences and what I loved about Moraine Park and the entire technical college system. I actually loved the college so much, I knew it was where I wanted to begin my new career.

Two months before graduating, I started as a temp in Student Services at Moraine Park. I soon became a permanent employee and absolutely love that my job keeps me in contact with the students. I finally love coming to work every day and find my work actually helps make others’ lives better.

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Written by Joan Brezinsky
Alumni & Annual Fund Specialist