Moraine Park Business Analyst Program Partners with the International Institute of Business Analysis

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Business analysis is becoming a fundamental skill in many technology and business careers, according to the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).  As a result, the demand is growing quickly for business analysts and related positions.  The U.S. Department of Labor shows that jobs related to business analysis are projected to increase 14% nationally from 2018-2028 compared to the average growth rate of all occupations of 5%.[1]  According to a LinkedIn study, business analysis skills ranked #6 in the top in-demand hard skills companies are seeking in 2020.[2]  In Wisconsin, the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) also mentions that a management analyst type position is a hot job based on projected openings and wages to the year 2024.[3]

With all this growth, the number of jobs may outnumber qualified candidates.  To help close this gap, Moraine Park recently partnered with the International Institute of Business Analysis or IIBA to enrich the Business Analyst associate degree program.  Bobbi Fields, Associate Dean of Business and IT states, “As a member of the NEW IT Alliance and advisory committee leader for Business and IT career paths, I have the opportunity to connect with many industry professionals. Frequently, conversations emerge surrounding an industry demand for individuals with the skillset one would acquire through completion of the Business Analyst program.”

The Moraine Park Business Analyst program launched fall 2017 and has had steady growth in enrollments each year.  The new IIBA affiliation allows Moraine Park to align all of the business analyst core courses to the globally recognized standard, the BABOK Guide and be endorsed by IIBA.  IIBA also offers colleges’ access to other valuable curriculum materials, books and case studies for business analysis. By aligning the curriculum with IIBA standards, MPTC graduates will also be prepared to take the next step and obtain the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) credential.  Fields added, “Industry-recognized preparation provides graduates with a competitive advantage, while certification demonstrates competency and a commitment to the profession.”

Jo Ann Giese-Kent, Business Analyst Instructor, noted that “Employees who do business analysis primarily help identify business needs and solve problems to produce better business outcomes.  They help organizations add value to customers, suppliers, or end users of a process or system.  They are often known as the liaison or agent to enable change to occur.” 

The online MPTC business analyst program prepares students to decipher organization structure, policies, and operations. Graduates will be prepared to define problems, scope, and learn to gather business and stakeholder requirements or needs.  They will explore the use of a variety of best practice techniques, analytics, and relevant technologies to validate, analyze, and synthesize information to gain insights and connect the dots.  The Moraine Park Business Analyst training also includes strategy analysis and solution evaluation to assess performance and value.

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Written by Jo Ann Giese-Kent