Moraine Park Cosmetology hosts ‘Movie Night’ Fashion Show

Lights, camera, action!

On Dec. 6, Moraine Park Cosmetology students hosted their Movie Night-themed fashion show to showcase their final projects. Each student styled a model from head to toe including hair, makeup, and an outfit inspired by a movie of their choosing.

Some of the movies used for inspiration included A Cinderella Story, The Great Gatsby, The Kissing Booth, The Princess and the Frog, Hocus Pocus, Mean Girls, Legally Blonde and more.

Preparation for the event included the students agreeing on a fashion show theme; choosing their movies for inspiration; and researching hairstyles, make-up, and wardrobe to replicate.

“We colored Morgan’s hair a couple months back–blonde underneath and black on top, and it immediately reminded me of Cruella de Vil, so I chose the movie 101 Dalmatians,” Anita, Moraine Park Cosmetology student, said. “She doesn’t have a lot of hair, so I struggled with trying to make it poofy, but I ended up loving how everything ties together.”

Congrats to Moraine Park’s Cosmetology students on a stunning fashion show!

Melody Ahlswede

Rachel Balistriere

Kayley Berelc

Chloe Gordon

Danielle Hackbart

Nadia Manz

Alexis Mejaki

Kaitlynn Miller

Anita Obrien

Lilith Schaetzer

Katie Shelby

Faith Simonson

Madison Vogel

Carley Wilson

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Written by Emilie Wilson