Moraine Park Program Revised to Meet the Needs of Local Manufacturers


Moraine Park is continuously working to address the needs of local industries, and the recent change to one of their main manufacturing programs did just that.

Quality and Advanced Manufacturing Technology (QAMT) is a restructured version of the Process Engineering program. The new program kept many of the same outcomes of the Process Engineering program-adding in a significant focus on automation.  

“Process Engineering was a very successful program,” Tom Roehl, Moraine Park instructor, said. “The reason for the change was simply to include some curriculum around the newer technology we are seeing in the industry. Many of our manufacturing partners are relying heavily on advanced manufacturing, and we want our graduates’ skills to match the needs of our industries.”  

QAMT is a two-year associate degree program. The first class began in fall 2020.   

“We are seeing significant support for this program from our manufacturing partners,” Roehl said. “All of our students in this program are employed in the manufacturing field, and some have seen promotions since starting the program. This tells us that what they are learning in the classroom is directly benefiting their career and our local industries.”  

The College worked with the program’s advisory committee, comprised of industry leaders, to create a curriculum that meets their needs.   

“Many of our manufactures are moving to an Industry 4.0 or smart factory environment,” Roehl said. “This program update will ensure our students are learning skills that will prepare them for success in the field.”  

There are currently 10 students in the program, and they all hold full-time jobs outside of school.   

“We try to format our courses to offer solutions for the working adult,” Roehl said. “We understand that committing to a full-time school schedule isn’t always a feasible option, and I’m proud that this program offers options for both full and part-time students.”  

The statewide median salary for graduates is $45,132, in job roles such as Quality Assurance Technician, Manufacturing Engineering Technician, CNC Programmer, and Robotics and Material-Handling Technician- to name a few.  

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Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller