Not Your Usual Team Meeting

staff members smile during selfie

The nursing faculty came together for the monthly team meeting, with a twist. Nursing faculty, in their usual fashion, utilized pioneering means to build stronger relationships with one another and ultimately a stronger team.

There was some busine59ss as usual then the faculty was split into multi-campus teams and sent on a scavenger hunt throughout the FDL campus. Each team had a list of “clues” that were based on the Nursing Program Team Collective Promises, the college Vision, Mission and Innovation 2020 that directed “players” to specific areas of the campus.

Once there, the team members took a photo to show their success. Examples of the clues are, “The world is an adventurous place,” “Let’s strengthen and develop our workforce” and “…thanks for their service.”

Can you guess where they ended up? They surely got their steps in and decompressed while sharing some time together in a non-work activity. Look to the nursing program when you think “Innovative!”

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Written by Heather Evenson
Nursing Instructor