Nursing Student Recognizes Value of General Education


“As a college student, you are urged to obtain all of your necessary credits, but you’re not really sure why you need to take some of the courses. As I enrolled in the Think Critically & Creatively course for my first semester at MPTC, I remember telling myself, ‘I’m glad it’s only an eight-week class.’ I figured this class would be the longest eight weeks of my life and I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. Now that this class has concluded, I realize I gained so much useful knowledge and tools to help me become a stronger critical and creative thinker.

Following the first day of class, I knew this course would be beneficial to my life experiences in the real world and my goal of becoming a nurse. Too often individuals don’t realize how much critical and creative thinking that occurs every day with family members, fellow classmates, and co-workers. Being a good critical and creative thinker will make me stand out in a crowd.  

From this course, I will always remember to identify the purpose of a major decision and how the outcomes from that decision can affect others, too.  Furthermore, being more accepting and open to new ideas can greatly impact my career success, as well as following the critical thinking process when making decisions or solving problems.  I’m so glad that I took this course.  I know that it will only help me to be a great nurse when I graduate.”

Written by Victoria Schimming, MPTC Student.

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Written by Rebecca Leichtfuss
Social Science Instructor