At Moraine Park, we believe higher education should be available to all that desire it. The Promise Program creates a partnership between the student and Moraine Park, so together we can work to make college possible. To learn more about the Moraine Park Promise Program and to begin the process of getting admitted into the college click here.

What is the Moraine Park Promise program?
What is the Promise Scholar’s commitment?
What are the requirements to remain eligible for The Promise Program?
What is Moraine Park Technical College’s commitment?
Who is eligible for the Promise Program?
How does the Moraine Park Promise scholarship differ from other scholarships offered through the Moraine Park Foundation?
How does the Promise scholarship work with or differ from financial aid?
How much of a scholarship will I receive?
When will Promise Scholars start receiving Moraine Park Promise scholarships? Will scholars need to reapply every semester?
What if the academic program I want to enroll in has a wait list?
Does the Moraine Park Promise scholarship program cover the cost of textbooks or living expenses?
Does the Moraine Park Promise scholarship program cover the cost of a study abroad program?
I’m completing my GED or HSED. Can I apply for the Moraine Park Promise scholarship?
Many Promise-eligible Scholars may have never considered college as an option or are first-generation college scholars. What services does Moraine Park have in place to ensure scholars will be successful?
How is the Promise program funded?
What if my composite score on the ACT was a 15?
Can home-school students participate in the Moraine Park Promise? Which transcripts should home-school students provide?
What programs of study can I apply to?
Can I use Moraine Park Promise for my summer classes?
What if I don’t meet continuation requirements for the Moraine Park Promise?
What if my EFC is above the $3500 required for the Moraine Park Promise program when I apply for financial aid the next year?
If my semester GPA is below 2.5, but my cumulative GPA is still above 2.5, do I remain eligible for the Promise program?
If I graduate early from high school, am I eligible to participate? What semester may I begin?
If I change programs before graduating and before the end of my five semesters of eligibility, will I remain eligible for the new program?
What if the high school program I have graduated from does not calculate a gpa?
What if I graduate from high school in Spring 2018? May I apply to be a Promise Scholar for Fall 2018?

It is the policy of Moraine Park Technical College to provide reasonable accommodations to access or participate in its programs and/or activities. Persons who wish to request assistance or accommodations(s) for Moraine Park Promise should call an Accommodation Specialist at the appropriate campus (1-800-472-4554).

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