Nikki Toombs food pantry project
Leadership Capstone student Nikki Toombs

When MPTC Leadership Development student Nikki Toombs needed to choose a service learning capstone project, she knew just what she wanted to do! Nikki said, “I chose to take on this project because I wanted to help people who are going through tough times in our Ripon community. I also know the effects stress can have on a person — that is why I love the food pantry and what they do for those who could use a helping hand.”

Nikki designed an entire food drive event for the Ripon Community Food Pantry, complete with gathering a volunteer team, creating a logo, facebook page, web postings, business contacts database, silent auction fundraiser, flyers and outreach plan.

Nikki’s project helped the Ripon community gather 876 pounds of food donations at Webster’s Marketplace and raise $722 through the silent auction and monetary donations. Way to go!! One special donation was made in memory and honor of Ron LeMahieu; to help his family always remember the moments and love they shared. Nikki stated, “I think the little things, like a simple “thank you” go a long way. I have received some great feedback from people. My goal of getting the community together to support those in need is being recognized and I am achieving my goals!”

Congratulations on your successful project Nikki and on earning an MPTC Gold Community Impact Award for over 100 hours of service!

Find out more about Nikki’s project in the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

Written by Anne Lemke
Student Community Impact Coordinator