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Social Networking as a job search strategy is here! Statistics show that hiring is happening through social networks.

  • The number of American online job seekers has doubled since 2005. After surveying 2,001 U.S. adults, the Pew Research Center discovered that 54 percent of Americans use the internet to research available jobs, and nearly 45 percent apply for jobs online. In 2005, the number of online job seekers reached only 26 percent of Americans.

Employers are using Social Media to advertise openings:

  • The use of social media for for recruitment has grown 54% in the the past 5 years. A recent SHRM study found that 84 percent of organizations are now recruiting on social media; only 56 percent of companies were hiring on social media in 2011.

Candidates are using Social Media to research openings:

  • 79 percent of job seekers use social media in their job searchThis figure increases to 86 percent for younger job seekers who are in the first 10 years of their careers. (Glassdoor)

Employers are using Social Media to make decisions about applicants’ suitability:

Pros and Cons of Social Media

Today social media allows us to be more connected than ever before and employers are using social media to assist in their hiring decisions.

thumbs-upEmployers have hired candidates because their social media profiles:

  • Gave a positive impression of their personality and organizational fit
  • Supported their professional qualifications
  • Showed the candidate was creative
  • Showed solid communication skills
  • Showed the candidate was well-rounded
  • Showed the candidate had good references posted by others
  • Showed the candidate received awards or accolades

thumbs-downOn the other hand, discoveries found on social media have prevented employers from even considering an applicant. According to a Career Builder survey, 69% of employers have rejected candidates because they:

  • Posted inappropriate photos
  • Posted inappropriate comments
  • Posted content about drinking
  • Posted content about using drugs
  • Posted negative comments about a previous employer
  • Demonstrated poor communication skills
  • Made discriminatory comments
  • Lied about their qualifications
  • Shared confidential information from a previous employers

Anyone can search and find out information about you. Do you know what people are seeing?

What can you do to check what information is out there about you?

  • Google your name to see what comes up.
  • Review and update your social media profiles.
  • Clean it up! Remove anything inappropriate.

What can you do to get noticed online?

LinkedIn is a professional, social network that you can use to:

  • Build a visual / interactive résumé
  • Connect with other professionals with similar goals and interests
  • Link to groups, institutions and clubs
  • Search for jobs and career advancements
  • Create a custom learning environment with industry professionals

For assistance in developing your LinkedIn profile and navigating the site contact a Careers Instructor, attend a LinkedIn special session in the Career Center or visit:

Facebook and Twitter – Review your profiles to ensure they represent your best self.

Moraine Park Careers Instructors are available to assist you with using Social Media as a job search strategy, as well as other job seeking assistance (applications, resumes, cover letters, interviewing). Class schedules are available at:

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