Three male winners at Skills USA State Conference

Several students in the Electricity Club and CNC/Tool & Die Club competed at the state level during this year’s Skills USA competition held in Madison, WI.  Students who participate in these competitions are dedicated and work hard to excel in their respective fields.

CNC/Tool & Die Club

Jeremiah Alderden, Matt Grady and Gus Jacoby participated as a team and placed 2nd in the Automated Manufacturing Technology competition.  This competition had two components with the first occurring on campus and the second occurring in Madison.  During the first part of the competition, students reverse engineered a part with an outside judge overseeing the process.  A few weeks later, while in Madison they had to take a written test to show their knowledge in the field.

IMG_1793            IMG_1794

Electricity Club

The Electricity Club had several students compete in two areas: Industrial Motor Control and Residential Wiring. One of these competitions occurred on the West Bend Campus while the other occurred in Madison. The following MPTC Electricity students placed:

Residential Wiring:
2nd Place: Norberto Almaraz
3rd Place: Eric Stone


Industrial Motor Control:
1st Place: Devin Kissinger
2nd Place: Alex Piwoni
3rd Place: Jed Prange


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Devin Kissinger will be headed to the Skills USA National Competition in Kentucky at the end of June.  Stay tuned to see how he does!

All of these students will be heading out into the workforce after this semester as well-rounded, skilled individuals.

Written by Melanie Schroeder
Student Involvement Specialist