Students are reading books and taking notes for exam preparation.

Everyone wants to get ahead, race car drivers, jockeys, and yes, even college students. Finding ways to stay ahead of rising educational costs can be a huge benefit during the college years.

Students at Moraine Park already enjoy some of the lowest tuition rates among Wisconsin’s colleges and universities. Even so, another part of keeping college affordable is finding ways to decrease the amount of time (and money) spent completing a degree. At Moraine Park. students have a unique option to minimize their costs and maximize their credit earning potential through the school’s Credit by Exam opportunities.

The Credit by Exam process allows students to earn college credit and fulfill program requirements through the successful completion of an exam. Taking advantage of the Credit by Exam program can certainly put MPTC students ahead as they can obtain college credits in less time and for less money than they would by attending (and paying for) a traditional course.
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Written by Gregory Mittelsteadt
Credit for Prior Learning Spec