These are Cakes?!?!

Hollywood squares theme cake

Two Moraine Park culinary students, Cherie Becker and Gabrielle Linke, donated their time and talents to help the Shepherd of the Hills Dinner Auction in February.

The theme was Game Show Gala, and Cherie and Gabrielle used their culinary skills to make three decorative cakes. Two of them were a Wheel of Fortune theme and one was a massive Tiramisu cake decorated with Hollywood Squares.

Wheel of Fortune cakes

These were beautiful, hand-created desserts, that also tasted delicious!

The cakes were used in a fundraising activity that challenged fundraising by table groups. The table that collected the most money got their first choice at a cake. The cakes created by Cheri and Gabrielle were the first three taken and overall the cake fundraising activity made almost $2,600!

Thank you to Cheri and Gabrielle for donating their time and talent, and representing Moraine Park at this community fundraiser!

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Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller