THROWBACK: Automotive diagnostics, then and now!

Throwback Moraine Park photo from auto lab

The size of diagnostic equipment has changed a lot over the years as new technologies have been introduced into the automotive field.

But as the old adage goes, “size doesn’t matter.”

As you can see from from these two photos, our students have worked with all sorts of devices.

In this archive photo, one of our students in the 1960’s tests an ignition pattern. A large piece of equipment of years ago like this, though, would have limited diagnostic capability, where as now a much smaller piece of equipment – as shown here – can aid in diagnosing all automotive systems that are far more complex than years ago.

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Written by Timothy Moy
I have been an automotive instructor at Moraine Park since 2001. Prior to coming to Moraine Park I was an automotive technician for 20 years, mostly at GM dealerships.