Upgrade Your Employability Skills with Excel


When was the last time you took an Excel course? If you are like most of us you have probably googled a command or two or watched a YouTube video on a specific function when needed. You get the work done, but the experience was uninspiring.  Over the course of a few weeks, you’re lucky if two or three of the new commands or functions you learned make it into your daily routine.  Sound familiar?

Here are some simple Microsoft Excel tricks you can use to be more productive at work.

Select All. This quick keyboard commands can cut your computer task time by seconds, which quickly adds up to minutes and hours.  [Ctrl]+A can be used to select all of the data in your Excel spreadsheet at one time. It also works in Word and other Windows applications.

Display formulas. Not the original author of a spreadsheet than you will find this helpful. When you hit [Ctrl] + ~, all of the formulas in a spreadsheet will be visible, allowing you to edit or tweak them as needed.

Using Quick Analysis. Who doesn’t want to analysis data quickly? Right click inside the table you wish to work with. Select the Quick Analysis button to open the menu. Hover over one of the tabs: Formatting, Charts, Totals, Table or Sparklines to preview the effects. Click on the button to apply the feature.

Moraine Park offers a host of Microsoft Excel classes that can teach you basic and advanced skills, or can be used as refresher training.  Consider what skills would make you more productive. Here are some options: 

Excel Level 1

Excel Level 2

Excel Level 3

If you’re looking to update or improve your Excel skills, please feel free to contact us today for more information on everything we offer!

Written by Samantha Rittmeyer