A new Moraine Park web experience

Ads for mobile device friendly at Moraine Park

For more than a year, a group of Moraine Park website stakeholders has been working to move the college’s web presence to a more user-friendly format. April 11, 2016 marks the switch to the responsive WordPress content management system. Hooray!

To be clear, moving the content from the old site to the new mobile-friendly site is only the first phase of creating a more user-friendly experience. Major highlights of the current phase include:

  • Optimization for desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Cleaner home page layout, still with upcoming events, headlines and social media highlights
  • Home page icons for the items our visitors have most frequently accessed
  • More imagery from the campuses
  • A cool new way to find programs

Kudos to all the individuals who have worked to improve the user experience, but the heavy lifting over the last several months has come from IT’s Anders Bjork and Ross Atkinson. They have done a tremendous amount of work in a collaborative environment.

With the launch of the new web platform, Anders and Ross aren’t exactly throwing in the towel. We continue the dialogue toward improved user experience and will be discussing such items as:

  • Enhanced navigation
  • Improved enrollment features
  • Enhanced, search-friendly content
  • [Your idea here]

What would you like to see? Please list your ideas–and/or any words of encouragement to Anders and Ross in the comments. We will take all input into consideration.


Written by Patty Lehn
Director of Marketing & Communications