General Education Classes Changed Me

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My name is Kaleb Krueger.  I am a student in the Health and Wellness program at MPTC. I have been an active person my whole life by being involved in sports, such as track and cross country throughout middle school and high school, and I weight lift.

I am currently working as a cook at a family restaurant called, “The Little Red Inn”, in St. Lawrence. I have my personal trainer certification, and I plan to keep moving forward to further my knowledge about health and wellness.

When I enrolled at MPTC…

“When I enrolled at Moraine Park Technical College, I was there to simply get my degree and leave. I did not want to learn anything from General Education courses, and I didn’t think they would be beneficial. Courses like Psychology of Human Relations and English Composition didn’t interest me one bit. I did not realize at the time just how important these courses were for achieving my full education potential.”

The first day of class…

“After that first day of class, I began to open my eyes. After just one class with my instructor, Dr. Rebecca Leichtfuss, I realized I had entered a new side of education. The atmosphere, the energy, and the focus were different and new to me. After learning so much in just one class, I decided to give these courses a shot and put in the effort.”

Not like high school…

“These courses changed me. General Education courses in college are so different from those in high school, and two classes were very beneficial to me. In my Psychology of Human Relations course, I learned how to understand all aspects of being human, how to read and understand emotions, how personality traits line up with personality theories, and more about the biology of love. From my English Composition course, I learned how to create writing, how to apply the 4 C’s of writing, and how to produce exceptional writing. This course was the most beneficial to me out of all the General Education courses I took. This course changed the way I write today, and the skills I learned will continue to benefit me in the future.”

It’s up to you…

“General Education courses are immensely important to students. When students think about these courses as requirements, they won’t see the benefits they provide. When students think of these courses as great learning opportunities, they will see how their lives can change. Have an open mind, put in the effort, and trust the process. If you follow these three steps as a student, you will quickly understand why General Education courses are so important. “

Written by:  Kaleb Krueger, Health & Wellness Program student at MPTC

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Written by Rebecca Leichtfuss
Social Science Instructor