Overachievers unite! Check out these Gingerbread Houses!

Not all gingerbread houses are created equal.

Most anyone with young children can attest to that. You start out confident. And hopeful. On the box of the gingerbread kit you picked up from the grocery store is an image of perfectly-placed sprinkles and perfectly-placed gummy bears on an all-too-perfectly built gingerbread house – the blueprint for your impending tasty masterpiece.

Soon, your fumbling with roll-away peppermints, drooping globs of frosting and broken candy canes. The kids have eaten all the gummy bears. The east wall of your gingerbread cave … umm …  house is caving in. That same image of candy perfection on the box now taunts you, whispering “better luck next year.”

It’s OK. We’ve all been there!

Knowing that, it’s even more impressive when you see the gingerbread houses our culinary students came up with – with creations inspired by Super Mario, Star Wars, Harry Potter and more! Instructor Susan Horvath, our pastry chef, oversaw the making of these incredible projects! Take a look:

School of Wizardry

Check out this one by Cherie (pictured above), who made a replica of Hogwarts from Harry Potter due to her love of the books and movies.

Talk about amazing! She said it took nearly 23 hours to assemble and decorate, including making six sheets of gingerbread.



Man’s Best Friend

Then there’s this awesome recreation of Snoopy’s dog house from Peanuts.

Alyssa grew up watching Charlie Brown specials around the holidays, giving Snoopy a special place in her heart. For the gingerbread project, it took her a couple class periods to make Snoopy’s favorite resting spot.




Gingerbread Strikes Back!

There’s more! How about this awesome Millennium Falcon, designed by Cheyenne?

She grew up watching Star Wars with her dad, which inspired her tackle recreating the iconic vessel in gingerbread form. She said it took her nearly 12 hours to make, with one of the hardest parts being keeping all the components together.


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Pretty amazing stuff, right? We also have many amazing career options at Moraine Park! No, we’re not quite a school of wizardry like Hogwarts, but we’ve got a lot to offer nonetheless! We invite you to visit morainepark.edu/programs to see for yourself!

Before you do, though, here’s a final look at a few more gingerbread creations by our students!

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