Giving life after a Student Life event

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Each year, Moraine Park Student Life engages students in various community events and initiatives. Those initiatives result in good causes being supported, fun–and even life-changing touch points, as was the case after last year’s Be the Match drive.

My name is Elijah Voigt, I am a 4th semester student at MPTC: Fond Du Lac.

Last year I signed up for the Be the Match Bone Marrow Registry at a drive at MPTC. Not even a year later I was contacted by the regional liaison for Be the Match, Arthur. I underwent an extensive screening questionnaire. After clearing the screening process I was told to wait until my match could be confirmed. After further blood testing, I was confirmed as the best match for a patient. I proceeded to go through subsequent blood testing and disease marker testing.

Once all of that testing had come back, I was deemed able to move forward with the donation. As the patient had to be prepared with extensive chemotherapy and radiation, we had to find a date that would work for me and the patient as well as whether I would be providing my donation through surgery or via a peripheral blood stem cell donation (Similar to a dialysis or plasma donation).

Four days before the day we had decided on I began my Neupogen injections to stimulate my bones to produce more stem cells. This caused some discomfort in my bones and joints as well as fatigue. The night before my donation I went to Milwaukee and my stay was paid for in the Ambassador Hotel. I awoke the next morning, ate breakfast and cam to the donation center. I had vital signs taken and blood work done before finally doing my donation. After my donation I was tired and hungry, I went home, ate, and went to sleep.

The minimal effort I undertook may have saved another human being’s life, and was completely worth it.

Watch for the Be the Match drive when it comes around next year!

Written by mrodriguez3