Glamour & Glitz? Yes, please.

Moraine Park just hosted it’s first-ever cosmetology fashion show, showing off a broad range of styles and looks (not to mention a lot of talented work from our students)!

“The student fashion show was fun for all! I was so proud watching our students work so hard all afternoon on their models. The energy and excitement in the salon was terrific! It was great seeing the students create a total look without much input from faculty,” said Eileen Bouchard, one of our cosmetology instructors.

Eileen said the event gave the students a new, dynamic way to experience the impact of their work.

“Giving the students the opportunity to create a whole fashion look will enhance their skills when working in a salon. Hopefully when a client sits in the students chair they will not just look at the client’s hair, they will look at the client as a whole and think what is going to look best on this client and how can I create the look,” Eileen said.

The event went so well that Moraine Park cosmetology instructor Eileen Bouchard said planning has already begun on similar future events.

“Since this was our “first” of many to come fashion shows we are hoping to grow from here and make it even better in the future. Our December graduating class is already excited about “their” fashion show and cannot wait for the experience,” Eileen said.

Cosmetology students taking part in the event were Allison Bauer, MollyJo Wilson, Crystal Fix, Kelsey Flegner, Chloe Kastelic, Emily Kraft, Morgan Mueller, Samantha Olsen and Micheala Steinhardt.

Below, check out photos from Moraine Park’s “Glamour & Glitz” Fashion Show on July 19!

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