Hired Before Graduation – Mobile Applications Developer

Jared Dutra is in the Information Technology – Mobile Applications DeveloperJared Dutra headshot program here at Moraine Park. We sat down with him to ask some questions about his experience in the program and working in the field.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a 20 year old just following my dreams. Believe it or not, mobile app development came to me right after I graduated, about two years ago. I had plans to go into the military, but broke my knee two weeks before graduating high school. So I got a job at a call center, moved into my own apartment, and started my own life grinding to make it work.

What program have you studied at Moraine Park, and why did you go into this field?
I’m in the Information Technology – Mobile Applications Developer program. I chose this field because I’m interested in all kinds of development, but the mobile platforms are growing substantially right now. So there’s a large, new, market that is ready for me to tap.

What are your plans after graduation from MPTC?
I have already been hired as a developer at Sun Graphics Media in Sheboygan. They are a marketing firm that does a large variety of services, but I landed the position as a developer for websites and mobile web apps.

What aspect of your education made the biggest impact on you?
The hands-on experience that my instructors have given me have helped the most. I learn by doing, and with app development this was especially helpful that I was provided all programs necessary to jump right in.

What advice would you give someone considering college in your program?
Don’t give up and keep your end goal in mind. It gets pretty difficult at times, especially learning to program. If you keep pushing at it, it will eventually click and it gets easier.

Written by dgarofalo