Moraine Park Course Helps Student Achieve Goals

Maria Niederwerfer shares her education journey at MPTC and her recent experience in the Think Critically & Creatively course for her career success.

“My name is Maria Niederwerfer, and I began my education at Moraine Park Technical College in the Fall of 2017. I completed the Medical Assistant program in May, 2018. After graduating from the Medical Assistant program, I decided to continue my education. I returned to Moraine Park Technical College because of the small size classes, which allow for more interaction with students, staff, and faculty.

I currently am enrolled in the Nursing program and recently completed the Think Critically and Creatively course with Dr. Rebecca Leichtfuss. Taking this course was the best decision I have made because I learned to make better decisions in critical situations. In the medical field, these decision-making skills, along with communication and collaboration skills, will be very helpful. For example in the doctor’s office, you work as a team and all members have different ideas or approaches to situations. Your coworkers also have their own opinions, and you need to consider everyone’s opinions to provide excellent care to patients.

Again, I’m so glad I chose to take the Think Critically and Creatively course.  Dr. Rebecca Leichtfuss makes you feel confident about yourself. There are no wrong answers in her classroom; there are only different ideas. She challenges students to think of different solutions to problems, which leads to better outcomes and decisions.”

Written by Maria Niederwerfer, student at Moraine Park.

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Written by Rebecca Leichtfuss
Social Science Instructor