Options Abound In Water Quality Technology

Glasses of water on a wooden table.

When considering a career path, many look to the well-known careers that are out front and visual. Maybe this is because a relative, friend, or professional in the field that left a lasting impression. Regardless, when making career decisions we typically go through many processes, and sometimes we even change our paths mid-way.

Water quality technology is a career that is close to my heart. When I was in high school, I was unsure of what I wanted to do. As life unfolded, I found myself working in the field and it became apparent that I needed more education. So, enrolled in college as an adult learner. As time passed in my water quality technology career I found myself responsible for a wide variety of tasks and my education helped me to understand the many technologies and processes. I have been fortunate to have some positions in my career that have given me the opportunity to work locally, nationally, and even overseas. 

We often take for granted water running from our faucets, or in our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Even more, we rarely think of the skilled tradespeople who are working in water plants, providing safe drinking water for our communities and the environment.

So, why not consider a job in water quality technology? This career is rewarding, sustainable, challenging, and interesting, as well as very important. The most identifiable position is in municipal work, but there are also commercial and private industry positions as well. This career offers many opportunities all over the world. 

So, the next time you take a drink of water from the faucet, take a shower or even flush a toilet, know that someone has made all that possible. Maybe in the future, that someone will be you!

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Written by Mark Schmidt
Mark Schmidt is the Water Quality Technology Instructor at Moraine Park Technical College in Fond du Lac, WI. Mark has 40 years of experience in water and wastewater facility and systems operations, maintenance and management. Prior to teaching, his specialty was surface water treatment plant optimization. He now enjoys teaching the next generation of water quality professionals, and those in the field desiring knowledge and advancement opportunities. Feel free to contact Mark about the program at mschmidt15@morainepark.edu, or check out the program at https://www.morainepark.edu/programs-and-courses/programs-of-study/?ProgramTitle=Water+Quality+Technology.