Graduation is near. So close you can taste it — Sweet success! . . . But first the job interview.

The Interview

According to Stephen M. R. Covey, “In creating credibility with others, it’s not just results that count; it’s people’s awareness of the results.” Your ability to help others understand your value in an interview situation, is best demonstrated though storytelling. Storytelling is a perfect way to demonstrate a skill or competency. MPTC Electricity students had an opportunity to do just that. Students in Gus Boyle-Gustavus’ Electricity class practiced interviewing skills by sharing Prove-it statements with their classmates. These Prove-it statements included elements of the STAR method. Describe the Situation/Task, what your Action was, and the Result of your action.

Prove-It Statement Examples from MPTC’s Job Search Handbook

(I am organized) For Example, at my last job, the department was really unorganized. I suggested we develop a new file system and workflow pattern, which eliminated three steps in record processing and increased our efficiency.

(I am flexible and a quick learner) At my last employer we experiences a major reorganization due to decreased sales. I assumed some of the duties that were done in a department that was eliminated and helped develop a manual that explained our new focus to other in my department.

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Written by Rhonda Roehrig