TKC 2022 – That’s a Wrap!

It’s been an exciting week on Moraine Park’s Fond du Lac campus! Our Tech Knowledge College campers had a blast flying drones, giving facials, getting CPR certified, making chocolate pasta, fighting lego robots, fighting court cases, and so much more. 

With 58 kids in attendance, this hands-on event gave campers an interactive look at the skills and careers needed today and in the future. Each camper attended a morning session and an afternoon session. The sessions for 2022 were Lego Sumo Robots, The Business of Drones, Foods from Around the World, Courtroom in Session, All About Healthcare, Salon Techniques, Rescue 911, and Law Enforcement.

On the last day, the campers were celebrated with a pizza party and an open house to showcase their work.

“My favorite park of TKC was doing CPR on the baby dolls,” Liam Garcia-Chavez, a Rescue 911 and Lego Sumo Robots student, said. “It was also fun to fight the robots.”

Thank you to all of our amazing TKC instructors!

Foods from Around the World – James Simmers

Salon Techniques – Sherri Theisen and Jennifer Wirkus

Lego Sumo Robots – Henry Hathaway

Law and Order – Jeffrey Gruss and Joan Barfield

The Business of Drones – Jeffrey Stueber

All About Health Care – Erika Herriges

Courtroom in Session – Carrie Kutz

Rescue 911 – Drew Novak

Take a look at all the fun we had this week!

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Written by Emilie Wilson