Wisconsin Auto and Truck Dealers Association Summer Training Institute

In July, Moraine Park Technical College’s Fond du Lac Campus had the distinct pleasure of hosting the Wisconsin Auto and Truck Dealers Association (WATDA) Summer Training Institute.

The purpose of the Summer Training Institute is to bring together automotive instructors and industry representatives to explore and train on new concepts that can be brought back to the instructors’ individual classrooms. This event began over 20 years ago, and was started by our own Jim Eden (Moraine Park VP of Teaching and Learning) and Carl Hader (Retired Germantown High School Auto Instructor/ WATDA Representative),

Summer Training Institute, which hosted over 40 high-school automotive instructors from throughout the state, began on July 18 with a guided tour of Wells Vehicle Electronics. The attendees were able to view the plant and assembly areas, as well as the technical services garage. The day ended with a reception and welcome event at the Crystal Ballroom, located in the Retlaw Hotel.

The following days, attendees gathered on Moraine Park’s Fond du Lac campus to attend training and educational sessions. Representatives from the parts and automobile industry, as well as our own automotive instructors Jim Daniels and Francesco Corrente, led the sessions. Topics covered included:

  1. Battery Technology & Charging Systems
  2. Light Diesel
  3. Evolution of ADAS Repair Technology (Levels 1-6)
  4. Evaporative System Concepts and Diagnosis
  5. Direct Fuel Injection
  6. Adding Auto Body Programs to Curriculum

Breakfast and lunch were supplied by the wonderful Eden Catering in our cafeteria. Those meals allowed our attendees to mingle and further share ideas and new concepts learned. Both lunch sessions included speeches from WATDA representatives Dan Klecker (State Education Director) and Brent Kindred (Vice President). There was also a roundtable panel discussion about the future of the automotive industry that culminated in an enlightening and thought-provoking Q and A session with everyone in attendance.

Summer Training Institute was a great opportunity for industry members to get together, network, and share ideas. MPTC hosted this event for the first time in nine years, and we look forward to hosting it in the future. Talking with the attendees, almost all were delighted with both the event coordination and the detailed level of instruction that was given during the breakout sessions.

This truly was an event that was worth the effort and time that went into planning it. Moraine Park would like to thank everyone who attended, as well as the trades and facilities staff that spent time planning and executing the WATDA Summer Training Institute. Excellent work, everyone!

Written by Corey Koch

Written by Emilie Wilson