A Hidden Career Gem

An engineer controlling the quality of water , aerated activated sludge tank at a waste water treatment plant .Copy space

Today’s Blog is all about Water Quality Technology, and although the profession is not on everyone’s radar for career choice, maybe it should get a serious look.

Many years ago as I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. There was nothing ever mentioned about the water quality career field. Water is withdrawn from a tap, used for showers, cooking, hygiene, watering our lawns, and washing cars. Commercial and industrial users utilize it for products and processes. Then the waste from use is sent on for treatment prior to release into our environment. These activities require water quality professionals to supply, and distribute a high quality drinking water. They also require professionals to treat waste streams prior to release into our environment. The opportunities are many. The employment openings that offer a great career are numerous, and there are many paths that are available.

As a student in high school I was lucky enough to hear about the career field. Taking water quality courses, I was then asked to fill a temporary position at a water treatment facility. From those early days in the career field until today, I have worked in the US and abroad, met many people, visited many places and helped facilities optimize processes and improve workplace cultures. This career field is sustainable, important for our civilizations future, and requires people that are dedicated and committed to supplying high quality water, and treating waste streams that will not negatively impact our environment. Not many professions can claim the direct impacts that this career can offer. Water is life sustaining, but only when safe to drink, and environmentally sound.

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Written by Mark Schmidt
Mark Schmidt is the Water Quality Technology Instructor at Moraine Park Technical College in Fond du Lac, WI. Mark has 40 years of experience in water and wastewater facility and systems operations, maintenance and management. Prior to teaching, his specialty was surface water treatment plant optimization. He now enjoys teaching the next generation of water quality professionals, and those in the field desiring knowledge and advancement opportunities. Feel free to contact Mark about the program at mschmidt15@morainepark.edu, or check out the program at https://www.morainepark.edu/programs-and-courses/programs-of-study/?ProgramTitle=Water+Quality+Technology.